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General 518 views May 01, 2016
Blade And Soul: Noticed a bug/hack/exploit on webbing

Not sure if anyone else noticed this but it seems some ppl can turn and face you while been webbed, it might be something only related to bots but when i was fighting these destroyer bots in arena i noticed that they keep turning to face me even when webbed Blade & Soul Gold, which makes 0 sense since they aren't supposed to be able to move ( happened when they where webbed in mid air and on the ground.

Hope this issue is only localised to bots because if ppl can turn to face use when webbed it kills our whole combo and makes restealth very hard.

Its becoming more apparent to me that a TON of my skills don't work properly on people with bad pings.

-Other countries or even people force lagging-

While they might also be facing issues, the model of them I'm see'ing on my screen is not current with where they are, where they are facing, or what they are doing.

I really hope they can just kick out all Non-NA players from this version of the game.

Its annoying for me but not a problem once you figure out how they play, just means free ELO though i am kinda confused why i face them at higher level GOLDS

Its not an exploit. they are arena bots. super easy to tell tbh. most of them wield profane axes, and they tab very early when they get stun and they will stare at you even if you web them making you unable to stealth.

Tags: #Blade & Soul