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Business 364 views Apr 26, 2016
Blade And Soul Shadow Dash Bug

So, after sometime I encountered this 'bug' using shadow dash in arena..
(not sure if bug or I'm doing something wrong)

Opponent is webbed / KD / or stunned and I'm coming from behind using '1' Shadow dash
I will get to stealth for like 0.5 sec to 1 sec ONLY then return to Decoy Stance WITHOUT me doing anything
like using any BNS Gold or whatever..
and I'm not getting hit or anything...

I know coz I went to a spar with someone I know
and he didn't use any attack just standing there and I lost my stealth instantaneously...
most of the time I haven't even started walking/running yet..

Does any of you fellow sins ever had this happened to you..
for me happened like every 3 matches there is 2 instances it will occur..

It's a client-server lag, it happens both in pvp and pve, but is more prominent in arena due to the arena servers being further away. General latency issues, the game unoptimized as fuck. Game considers you to have spent 6 seconds idle in stealth rather than the 0.5-1s you've actually been there.

This is even more noticeable (due to the tiny animation times of both skills) when you use throwing knife (point blank range) > shadow drain. the target hasn't got time to update to poison status before the shadow drain hits. Really annoying because I'm quite good at slapping both of them off at 0.2-0.1sec stealth remaining and having my stealth dissipate anyway as a massive fuck you. Optimization issues all over the place, the game lags like crazy even when people don't notice it. Because a lot of sin's skills have both short windows and short animations it's much easier to overlap skills too fast before the previous effect blade and soul gold hack. To counter this I need to cast my throwing knife at 0.5s stealth and then proc shadow drain at about 0.2 in order to refresh, or if there's someone else around to cause the target to throw its aoes around I can Q an attack and acrid star mid stealth, before shadow draining at the end.


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