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Business 428 views Apr 21, 2016
How to make more Hongmoon tokens in Blade & Soul

I'm actually going to be saving all my Hongmoon tokens for when I hit rank 10. With the low prices of some of the items in the shop, every single point counts, and I'd rather get as many points as possible out of them.

While I have over 100k NCoin I'm debating whether or not I'll stay at rank 9 for a while or just go straight to get more BNS Gold. The rank 10 bonuses don't seem like a huge difference if you just look at the numbers, but say you're crafting and you need 1 less craft to reach the next level, it saves you time, but that bonus will be pointless once you reach max level in crafting, at least until new crafting tiers come out, or you're leveling an alt. I guess the real draw is the 60 extra sell slots per day, but that's only going to effect a small number of people really. Most will be more than happy with the 40 from rank 9, though the selling power and freedom that 60 extra slots gives is pretty massive if used correctly.

It's something I probably won't be able to decide until I see what's in the cash shop at release, though if there are some RNG boxes in there, the decision will be made for me, since I <3 RNG boxes.

I was at just a little over level 8 with 15,200 NCoins spent. The hongmoon coins do help a lot (though I was just spending it on junk). I think the problem is I don't know what to spend the copious amount of NCoin & HMCoin outside of dragon trade pouches. I'm not one to collect EVERY costume in existence, just a few that I actually want. I also don't know if trading the NCoin to others via Blade And Soul Gold exchange counts as spending it to increase the level --- so I couldn't even just buy a bunch to sell for gold to get to level 10.

Yeah, I saw that thread a while ago. In fact, the rank 10 image in the first post is from that exact post. However, as I said, that isn't a complete list, or a list at all actually, nor is it accurate. That's why I made a point of showing my math and finding all the sources I could to back it up.

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