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Business 352 views Apr 10, 2016
I'm a paying customer with blade and soul feedback

Another thing about the whole 'hard core v. casual v. hybrid' player argument is that not all hard core players are the same based on your definition. Time commitment alone isn't enough -- goals matter. I can spend 12 hours a day in game and my goals can vary widely from those of another players, and I can walk away shaking my head at the game thinking that it has missed its mark hugely and that a few key components are missing.

Having played mmo's for far too long now, I've got a nice list of my 'requirements' for the mmo of my dreams, and no one implements them. If someone ever did, I'd probably throw money hand over fist at the game whether it was riddled with microtransactions or not. The problem is, having spent my entire professional career working in user centered design Blade-Soul Gold, I don't see anyone actually implementing user centered design to build games. It's wildly disappointing to see them built around transactions and where money can be acquired rather than player need and desire and motivation, and then marketizing those things to a -sane- degree.

Actually, I'm a paying customer with feedback, and I'll stop being a paying customer when it's clear they no longer want to have me as a paying a customer -- they ignore enough feedback, the game doesn't change for the localized region, they just keep milking the cash cow, whatever. Take your pick. If it's a "take it or leave it, pay us if you want to but otherwise just shut up and gtfo" sort of game, I can accept that, and at some point when the fun is gone, get out. If I want to be invested, then sure there are things I would like to see change over time.

Your "f2p like it or leave it" argument is sort of spurious. The game can only exist as a f2p game if some people pay, and typically some of those paying customers do have things they'd like to see changed over time if they intend to stay. If you don't want or need our support I expect some of us will leave over time, and others will pick up the slack. But games don't stay f2p indefinitely.

And MMOs are not designed to be grind fests. MMOs are designed to make money. If they couldn't make money AS grind fests, I expect they would at some point change. Yes, even f2p games make money. See above.

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