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  • 12 Jul 2016
    When I click the sign up button with Chrome an "Unknown error occurred" message shows right above the sign up button, when I do this with TOR the browser screen just stays at "SENDING..." and nothing happens, if I click on "ROI Gold" again guess what - NOTHING HAPPENS... Maybe now you will tell me that my account is created, but the screen is messing with me? Well guess what - I checked my email and there is nothing. Well maybe still my account is created and I must check that with the Nexon Launcher which I downloaded from the site or with my Riders of Icarus shortcut from steam - well guess what I DID THAT TOO and NO there is not account with that name. By the way as I am writing all of that, ~15 minutes passed since I tried to create an account with TOR(which is mozilla firefox bases I KNOW) and the screen still stays at "SENDING...". So yea maybe I'm dumb as f*ck and this guy who can't get in the game too is crazy... I have made a ticket about it on the site too and so far there is no answer... I even disabled my antivirus and tried again and still the same old story repeats... So stop blaming my PC, Windows, Browser or me - I told you that I'm not the casual noob "When I click the sign up button with Chrome an "Unknown error occurred" message shows right above the sign up button" When you click on the sign up button a pop up appears Riders of Icarus Gold. If you have an unknown error occured and the pop up doesnt appear how is it not a browser problem lol. My Chrome work perfectly here and i can create 100 accounts if i wanted to. Why can't you ? This is website not a game. Why are you using TOR ? Do you go on the darknet often ? It's funny that you don't want me to blame your PC or You when it's clear that you have problems with it lol. "I click there and i have an error" When it's only a freaking button on a website that should work 100% no problem. It's obvious for everyone that you have a problem. I guess you're the only one who thinks that this have anything to do with the game lol. You are in denial or something. "ITS NOT MY PC BUT WHEN I CLICK THERE I HAVE AN ERROR". So if it's not your PC what is it then ? Are you gonna tell me the game is what makes you not being able to create an account on nexon website ? As a programmer it's pretty clear that something is blocking you from sending the form and on chrome something is making you not being able to see the pop up to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. Please tell me it's not your PC again.
    5848 Posted by blade soul
  • 23 Mar 2016
    Often when i start to recruit for dungeon, someone who don't have requisite (low level, low attack) enter in group just for annoying the group. Kick them from group didn't work coz they rejoin very fast and we are HOSTAGE of this person who just don't have nothing to do except annoy other person. Block them also didn't work, they rejoin, rejoin, rejoin till the group disband and meh... So NCSOFT when u stop to favorite this abuse of annoy? Maybe a block system have to work for person who want to join a group? Pls i tell you in advance DONT TELL ME:1) use password, cant use password couse i cant wisper ppls one by one2) report them, reporting them maybe get them punished, but dont solve immediatly my problem, i dont want ppls ban, i just want to do my dungeon in peace.Ty in advance and sorry for my bad english. what exactly are you talking about with the whole not enough attack? the attack requirements people complain about are insane here. we could be doing the runs with 100 less attack power and still clearing in the given Blade & Soul Gold. the problem very rarely is attack and much more often people just getting killed. survivability and knowledge of boss routines is not an indication of attack power. ive watched a whole party rage quit over dyeing to the thrasher in 6 man because only me and 1 other even picked up a gun, and then the other guy just ran around stabbing every egg in sight.... their given reason "we don't have enough attack, lets leave". should prolly note we cleared 2/3 the boss hp in under a minute, and then 3 died shortly after and we started playing field medic. none of these people were bots nor were they using infernal weapons. I think a one or two had true profane.
    4360 Posted by blade soul
  • 25 Jul 2016
    You need to remember this is a Asian game being converted into the western market by nexon and usually both of these tend to become p2w as a lot of asian mmo's are like that and nexon has had issues with this in the past. They will either need to maintain the current system where it's fairly minimal right now however in order to maintain the proper cash flow a lot of games go that way for awhile until they fizzle out because of it as purely cosmetic items rarely will be enough to keep a game running. Anyone coming to this game from archeage will notice a dramatic change in management style to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, this company wants to make a fun game, not dependent on money spent. They go so far as to give you game currency just for playing content. I love everything this company is doing and they have my buy in, for sure! Every direction they are planning or implimenting is everything i've complained about in other games. This game is a breath of fresh air and I really want to see it succeed. They're peobably just time travelers forgetting what time they're in. eventually this game will have tons of p2w/p2progress because they need to generate money somehow to keep the game running and to justify supporting it. that's the life of a "f2p" mmo, regardless of how they begin, they either fizzle out and die because people aren't forced to buy things to progress or be competetive in the game or they go crazy with the cash shop and drive away all the players leaving only those that are diehard players or people who have already gotten everything they need/want and don't need to use the cash shop for anything and the game dies anyway. After every game load, recall stone use and transit shrine telepoert. I see the same 'crash landing' cinematic with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. I was running through the game quickly skipping all the cinematics and now I have this. Also i have noticed two of the models have their arms at there sides
    3832 Posted by blade soul
  • 27 Jul 2016
    The upcoming patch (ETA "later in July") will not only raise the lvl cap to 35 but will also introduce a new region (the frozen Parna's Coast) along with the option to tame Heroic monsters (Agnas, here I come!). Thing we need to remember is that they're translating & dubbing everything from the Korean version of the Riders of Icarus Gold, and this takes time. With that in mind, I don't think we'll see the "fully released" version of the game any time soon, especially if the devs keep working on it (I read the Korean version was getting its level cap raised to 65). I would like to know how long until they uncap or raise the max level in game as well as of course as new section of map, quests, dungeons, etc. I've been grinding for a while and still working on getting a set of Frozen gear and taming more familiars but I just want to keep going with the game!! I'm loving it so far and just want more content! when the game is fully released I'm assuming that I won't lose all my progress and have to start from the beginning with Icarus Gold?? just a confirmation on that would be good Priest damage is actually pretty decent. i mean, you won't be two-shotting monsters like a Wizard, but, they still have OK damage. there's no PvP (yet), but there will be in the future. for healing, it's clicking portraits. you could, technically, just use hotkeys and action-mode to heal, but that's slower. our main heal (for now) is Healing Glow, an AoE-charged heal that heals 30% of someone's health. Not much PvP at the moment besides duels I believe. Even then I haven't tried any, so I can't give much feedback there. You click on everyones portrait if you're giving a direct heal to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold(Elora's mark I believe), but there is an AoE heal that you can charge up that gives a large amount of heals, and DoT's that also heal the party. It's a pretty different way of healing, but it's fun.
    2792 Posted by blade soul
Balance 412 views Apr 07, 2016
Blade And Soul VS Guild Wars 2

Gw2 hasn't quite been living up to it's "friendliest community" reputation of old lately, IMO. I haven't really hit too many trolls and such in BNS, though. The worst are bots and AFKs that leech off of dungeon parties, given that there isn't a vote kick system in BnS. BnS is much more spammer and bot infested than Gw2, but f2p so that's normal. Some people are a bit elitiest about AP (Attack power, not Achievement Points which is what you'd think coming from Gw2) for their dungeon groups, but that should be nothing new to you if you remember the Zerker Melee only trend in Gw2's party finder. The servers are still separated so they have a bit more community to them than in Gw2's megaserver shuffling. You might get to know certain players you run into frequently, though "Cross-server" dungeons let you play with people on other servers and while there is the occasional issue here and there, it's a pretty excellent system overall. Works better than Gw2's party finder.

PvP is primarily balanced around 1v1. Even the 3v3 team PvP is actually a tag team format. You get 5 second assists where you can jump in to gang up on someone but it's NOTHING like Gw2's format. Classes are mostly pretty balanced. Every single class is OP except the one you play as, as some of us like to say. Most issues where you perceive a class as overpowered are mostly skill/learning issues, but there ARE some bad matchups where there are specific disadvantages. Some are worse than others. (Warlock has that problem the worst against Forcemasters and Assasins, just to throw that out there if you're considering that class in particular) Also to throw this out there, Summoner gets as much salt as the AI builds in Gw2, when those builds were actually good. Remember when Turret Engies were actually good and total monsters at holding points? That's about how much salt summoner gets.

There is nothing like WvW. Faction content like Soulstone planes might sound thematically similar, but it isn't. Large scale fights actually kind of suck. Again, 1v1 focused game. Keep in mind there is no target limit. If there's 40 people standing on a spot you smack with an AOE or cleave, you're gonna hit those 40 players.

BnS is much more linear than Gw2, with far less content and quest variety. Nothing interesting to do besides fight, but the combat system is amazing so it's playing to it's strength there. There is no gear choice. You get the literal best weapon at the start and you keep upgrading it. In practical terms, there's no build variety in this game in terms of equipment. All of that comes from which skill trees you choose to upgrade. (Which you can respec at any time like Gw2 masteries and skills)

Towards late game, upgrading said equipment becomes very grindy and expensive. Imagine if legendary weapons in Gw2 were basically required for endgame dungeons instead of just being flashy and every single person in the game was bitterly fighting over the mats; and T6 mats climbed 60-80 silver a piece when you still need full stacks of them to make your weapon. That's what soulstones are in BnS. (BnS gold is currently a little less inflated and harder to earn than Gw2 gold. So considering 30-40 BnS silver to be like 60-ish Gw2 silver but I'm totally guessing a conversion rate out of nothing)

Tags on most mobs are claimed by first to get a hit in. Kills are not shared unless in a party. Field bosses are an exception, but you must contribute at least 1% of the total DPS to get loot. This is harder than it sounds on a few specific bosses that get really crowded. Imagine in Gw2 if you had to do at least 1% damage to The Shatterer or Tequatl while 200 other people are trying to DPS him too. That's what harvest square during peak times is like.

For PvE party class composition is just short of irrelevant. If you're going for an "Optimal" party you might want one or two (But no more than two) warlocks for their special soulburn buff, someone who can tank if needed (ideally a Kung Fu Master or Blade Master but basically any classes but Warlock can pull off being a tank in some capacity when speced for it) And then whoever can bring the DPS. Not too different from Gw2 in that regard but even less class specific roles and functions.

This game is NOT alt friendly at all. No shared storage. 99% of untradable drops are character bound rather than account bound. (This really sucks for outfit drops) Speaking of outfits, there is no dye system or anything. Only customizeable outfit is the clan uniform system.

Basically, if you like the feel of BnS's combat system and the way Arena PvP is, then you'll find enough to like about the game, because those are the main two crowning strong points. Combat is almost fighting game like, with combos and animation cancels and such. If you want random fun side activities, minigames, or roleplay-friendly features and such, then there isn't much for that here.

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