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Business 436 views Apr 05, 2016
Blade & Soul - Neither is free

Here's what I use for recording and then compression. Neither is free, but they're very capable. Be warned, both have a lot of options and settings which, for best performance, you really need to tweak to fit your particular situation. You probably won't get great results just using them 'out of the box' - it will take some time to learn how to best configure them. But if you've decided you want to record a lot of video, I think it would be well worth it.

For recording: Dxtory. This has quite a few advanced features: it can display your game at a different frame rate than it records - for example, if your rig is only capable of recording at 30fps, the game may still be able to run at 60fps at the same time. It enables you to change which video codec it uses Blade-Soul Gold, including using one not included in the original installation (I use the Lagarith Lossless codec.) It also lets you select which processors it will use...and a lot of other options.

Shadowplay is capable of recording in 30 or 60 fps as well as several different resolutions, thus has the ability to output smaller files (GB wise). Adjustable in the Nvidia console, Shadowplay section.

If you don't have an Nvidia card or don't have the Shadowplay option, I would recommend Fraps.. It's not free but a great screen recording program..

I use Open Broadcaster Software. It's streaming program but very good for recording. It records .flv, am using FLVExtract to convert to .mp4 when editing.

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