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Business 306 views Mar 30, 2016
People had the expectation that even with the bns corvus regis

I don't think you're wrong to express displeasure.

If you think about it, the Daily Dash has seen a lot of incarnations. I don't know what it was like in beta, but from the posts right after launch I got the impression that it was different in beta than after launch even with the outfit. People had the expectation that even with the corvus regis outfit, that it would not just stop dead like it did after launch I think.

Last "time" it worked where you didn't get everything on the board, just the things you landed on, useful or not -- again I saw various responses on the forums about it.

This time people seem happy to get everything they pass over, but I can't remember from the first Daily Dash after launch if it is fewer or the same in terms of fluff rewards before you get to the costume to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. The board "seems" sparse compared to last one though of course.

By now it seems that the Daily Dash is not going to be a fixed thing -- it's going to change. But I do agree, it would be very *nice* if it were a "daily" perk for logging in and part of our premium membership -- because our *premium* memberships have been never been strong in my opinion. We don't get a lot of benefits for our subscriptions, there have consistently been posts asking for stronger benefits, and as of patch yesterday there are now only 2 items in the store that are discounted. So that premium "benefit" was certainly nerfed.

Winning just one costume is understandable, and having costume event months on the Daily Dash is a "nice" thing -- but they could modify the wheel so that you could keep getting the fluff rewards even if you didn't get to work on getting additional costume rewards.

I do not subscribe "just" for the extra Daily Dash spin -- but it is something that is certainly nice to have knowing that if I don't feel like playing or cannot for some reason on any given day of the month that I will likely be able to make up for it when striving for a big prize like a costume, and if there is a chance to get some prize of value every day like there was last month then there is added reason to log in every day and spin.

However, given how weak overall that I feel the premium membership is compared to other subscriptions I do feel that it is worth posting here to say yes, it'd be *nice* if we didn't have months where the Daily Dash was a 1/2 or 2/3 month sort of thing.

If you feel that you get full value out of the membership, fine, that's great for you. I don't need Blade & Soul Items. And I think that with yanking things like having the store discount have any real meaning at this point, and no idea if items will be rotated back into the store in the future where that perk will have value, then sure, it's worthwhile pointing out that this one is important too.

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