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388 views Mar 29, 2016
Some of My Suggestions For RuneScape

You sir, have my full support. Also some suggestions. (Although this may be implemented with Invention)

Signet of Fire
Aesthetic Change: Item becomes covered in fierce flames.
(Colour of flame could be changed with loyalty points?)
Effect Name: Firestorm
Burn weakens the enemy's attack/strength due to pain

Signet of Frost
Aesthetic Change: Item becomes coated in a jagged formation of ice
(Colour of ice could be changed with loyalty points?)
Effect Name: Chilled Winds
Slows enemy's attack rate due to freezing

Signet of Light
Aesthetic change: Item gives off a golden white glow
(Colour of glow could be changed with Runescape Gold?)
Effect Name: Illumination
Enemy hit rate is reduced due to the blinding glow

Signet of Shadows
Aesthetic change: Item gives off a menacing dark aura
(Colour of the shadow could be changed, Black being the main, but perhaps an outline of a different colour)
Effect Name: Dark Stare
Enemy has a chance of backing away from the fear your weapon instills.
Weaker enemies which are usually aggressive will not attack.

Signet of Earth
Aesthetic Change: Small Rocks float around the weapon making it larger
(Colour of rock could be changed via loyalty points?)
Effect Name: Terraforming
Manipulation of the earthly elements through your weapon weakens the foes metal based armour

Signet of Water
Aesthetic Change: Water surrounds the weapon
(Colour of Liquid can be changed via loyalty?)
Effect Name: Siphon
Every hit against your opponent has a 5% chance of healing you for 2% of the damage dealt.

Arcane Signet
Aesthetic Change: Your weapon is charged with Runescape Accounts, making small "drops" of lightning fall off.
Effect name: Call of the Arcane
Every hit against your opponent has a 5% chance of stunning them for 3 seconds. The same opponent can only be affected by this effect once every 5 seconds.

That being said, I think it'd be best if these were purely aesthetic changes.

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