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Career & Work 495 views Mar 20, 2016
Blade & Soul martial arts intensive behavior

It refers to the practice of players in accordance with their wishes to learn new martial arts or martial arts intensive behavior. After 15, after the completion of Chapter 17. Wizards eight trials, they can practice. After each upgrade, you can gain 1 point to practice. Use of the points, can comprehend the new martial arts or martial arts to strengthen existing.

Blade and soul Blade master brush Mushin's Tower Layer 7 BOSS Zheng Zhongsheng, the point is to touch through his attack mode, timely block to use fanzhen his attack with BNS Gold, so he BNS Gold dizziness while we can also use the fire reincarnation sword gas, hanbok latest version can be used continuously stab the sword after a successful block, so back Jianqi effect after fanzhen very good, finished back then pierced Jianqi 3, the output is very impressive.

The only place to note is that the ground is not put mine Jianqi block, but he can not come out before Jianqi interrupted. Finally Jianqi outbreak Zheng Zhongsheng surround Jianqi body when he is invincible, but the scope of damage, a little away from him to the point will not be explosive. He burst after completing 4 even cut, block can be broken sword style full guard.

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  • 12 Jul 2016
    When I click the sign up button with Chrome an "Unknown error occurred" message shows right above the sign up button, when I do this with TOR the browser screen just stays at "SENDING..." and nothing happens, if I click on "ROI Gold" again guess what - NOTHING HAPPENS... Maybe now you will tell me that my account is created, but the screen is messing with me? Well guess what - I checked my email and there is nothing. Well maybe still my account is created and I must check that with the Nexon Launcher which I downloaded from the site or with my Riders of Icarus shortcut from steam - well guess what I DID THAT TOO and NO there is not account with that name. By the way as I am writing all of that, ~15 minutes passed since I tried to create an account with TOR(which is mozilla firefox bases I KNOW) and the screen still stays at "SENDING...". So yea maybe I'm dumb as f*ck and this guy who can't get in the game too is crazy... I have made a ticket about it on the site too and so far there is no answer... I even disabled my antivirus and tried again and still the same old story repeats... So stop blaming my PC, Windows, Browser or me - I told you that I'm not the casual noob "When I click the sign up button with Chrome an "Unknown error occurred" message shows right above the sign up button" When you click on the sign up button a pop up appears Riders of Icarus Gold. If you have an unknown error occured and the pop up doesnt appear how is it not a browser problem lol. My Chrome work perfectly here and i can create 100 accounts if i wanted to. Why can't you ? This is website not a game. Why are you using TOR ? Do you go on the darknet often ? It's funny that you don't want me to blame your PC or You when it's clear that you have problems with it lol. "I click there and i have an error" When it's only a freaking button on a website that should work 100% no problem. It's obvious for everyone that you have a problem. I guess you're the only one who thinks that this have anything to do with the game lol. You are in denial or something. "ITS NOT MY PC BUT WHEN I CLICK THERE I HAVE AN ERROR". So if it's not your PC what is it then ? Are you gonna tell me the game is what makes you not being able to create an account on nexon website ? As a programmer it's pretty clear that something is blocking you from sending the form and on chrome something is making you not being able to see the pop up to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. Please tell me it's not your PC again.
    5913 Posted by blade soul
  • 23 Mar 2016
    Often when i start to recruit for dungeon, someone who don't have requisite (low level, low attack) enter in group just for annoying the group. Kick them from group didn't work coz they rejoin very fast and we are HOSTAGE of this person who just don't have nothing to do except annoy other person. Block them also didn't work, they rejoin, rejoin, rejoin till the group disband and meh... So NCSOFT when u stop to favorite this abuse of annoy? Maybe a block system have to work for person who want to join a group? Pls i tell you in advance DONT TELL ME:1) use password, cant use password couse i cant wisper ppls one by one2) report them, reporting them maybe get them punished, but dont solve immediatly my problem, i dont want ppls ban, i just want to do my dungeon in peace.Ty in advance and sorry for my bad english. what exactly are you talking about with the whole not enough attack? the attack requirements people complain about are insane here. we could be doing the runs with 100 less attack power and still clearing in the given Blade & Soul Gold. the problem very rarely is attack and much more often people just getting killed. survivability and knowledge of boss routines is not an indication of attack power. ive watched a whole party rage quit over dyeing to the thrasher in 6 man because only me and 1 other even picked up a gun, and then the other guy just ran around stabbing every egg in sight.... their given reason "we don't have enough attack, lets leave". should prolly note we cleared 2/3 the boss hp in under a minute, and then 3 died shortly after and we started playing field medic. none of these people were bots nor were they using infernal weapons. I think a one or two had true profane.
    4452 Posted by blade soul
  • 25 Jul 2016
    You need to remember this is a Asian game being converted into the western market by nexon and usually both of these tend to become p2w as a lot of asian mmo's are like that and nexon has had issues with this in the past. They will either need to maintain the current system where it's fairly minimal right now however in order to maintain the proper cash flow a lot of games go that way for awhile until they fizzle out because of it as purely cosmetic items rarely will be enough to keep a game running. Anyone coming to this game from archeage will notice a dramatic change in management style to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, this company wants to make a fun game, not dependent on money spent. They go so far as to give you game currency just for playing content. I love everything this company is doing and they have my buy in, for sure! Every direction they are planning or implimenting is everything i've complained about in other games. This game is a breath of fresh air and I really want to see it succeed. They're peobably just time travelers forgetting what time they're in. eventually this game will have tons of p2w/p2progress because they need to generate money somehow to keep the game running and to justify supporting it. that's the life of a "f2p" mmo, regardless of how they begin, they either fizzle out and die because people aren't forced to buy things to progress or be competetive in the game or they go crazy with the cash shop and drive away all the players leaving only those that are diehard players or people who have already gotten everything they need/want and don't need to use the cash shop for anything and the game dies anyway. After every game load, recall stone use and transit shrine telepoert. I see the same 'crash landing' cinematic with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. I was running through the game quickly skipping all the cinematics and now I have this. Also i have noticed two of the models have their arms at there sides
    3915 Posted by blade soul
  • 27 Jul 2016
    The upcoming patch (ETA "later in July") will not only raise the lvl cap to 35 but will also introduce a new region (the frozen Parna's Coast) along with the option to tame Heroic monsters (Agnas, here I come!). Thing we need to remember is that they're translating & dubbing everything from the Korean version of the Riders of Icarus Gold, and this takes time. With that in mind, I don't think we'll see the "fully released" version of the game any time soon, especially if the devs keep working on it (I read the Korean version was getting its level cap raised to 65). I would like to know how long until they uncap or raise the max level in game as well as of course as new section of map, quests, dungeons, etc. I've been grinding for a while and still working on getting a set of Frozen gear and taming more familiars but I just want to keep going with the game!! I'm loving it so far and just want more content! when the game is fully released I'm assuming that I won't lose all my progress and have to start from the beginning with Icarus Gold?? just a confirmation on that would be good Priest damage is actually pretty decent. i mean, you won't be two-shotting monsters like a Wizard, but, they still have OK damage. there's no PvP (yet), but there will be in the future. for healing, it's clicking portraits. you could, technically, just use hotkeys and action-mode to heal, but that's slower. our main heal (for now) is Healing Glow, an AoE-charged heal that heals 30% of someone's health. Not much PvP at the moment besides duels I believe. Even then I haven't tried any, so I can't give much feedback there. You click on everyones portrait if you're giving a direct heal to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold(Elora's mark I believe), but there is an AoE heal that you can charge up that gives a large amount of heals, and DoT's that also heal the party. It's a pretty different way of healing, but it's fun.
    2856 Posted by blade soul
  • 03 Aug 2016
    I seriously cannot believe you actually made another thread about this... they extended the event for YOU basically, because you complained for days about it. They postponed our rewards due to the whining you did on the forums. Here you are again trying to get another extension or to remove the rewards of the others who worked so hard for these event completion. This is complete and utter ridiculousness - I hope the ROI Gold, cms, and gms can all see now how selfish you really are. They can now see that you really were only concerned about your getting the reward, not the rest of the people who had issues with the event. I can appreciate and support the extension they did on the event (even though it kept our titles at bay longer) because it did give people a lot more time to get what they needed after the major rush of players was in the next zone. However, here you are again with the same nonsense and it's very clearly selfish this time around. This is the real issue here. And if you'll notice the only thing that I highlighted in the OP was the suggestion for forward moving event management. Personally I spend between 10 and 14 hours online a day, and regardless of this difference in activity between "normal" players and myself the point remains. It's not my intention to change the rewards in the slightest. This is how you get people to talk. The Nexon employees can use the feedback and open discussion provided here to better plan all future events. If you think I'm crying about a 5% difference in taming point consumption (because of the current event for the rings from the Frost Keep providing a 15% taming point reduction) you are very sorely mistaken about my true intention. This is unfortunately true, and an issue in and of itself. As long as this remains the only way for them to see who has met the requirements, taming events are effectively a giant stress and grief fest which let's be honest, isn't a whole lot of fun. That's a shame as the idea itself is a good one, it's just poorly executed. When you throw a large number of people together like Riders of Icarus Gold, you're always going to have people who do things differently and have varying opinions on how things should be done, so creating an event which caters to all is never going to be an easy feat. But this particular event, though it could have been inclusive to all, became somewhat biased towards people who had more time to play, or who were lucky enough to be in a larger guild. Sadly, for anyone who had commitments outside the game limiting their time, or who are in a smaller guild, their chances of completing were much lower. You can farm all you like for the 2-3 hours a day you have online, but it's likely that will never have been enough. It's easy for others to say "well, you had the chance still," but realistically, no, many of them didn't. And for this they were excluded.
    1979 Posted by blade soul
  • 14 Sep 2016
    -Now we know that micro transactions and pay to win are models deeply disliked by the gameing community. subscription is fine as long as it isn't to much and their isn't content locked aways behind a payment wall -Free to play is liked but it allows for a lot of Cheap Albion Online Gold with no guarantee of income for the company making the gametransfer for RL income allows for pay to win and gold botting and money laundering = ergo not good Ergo @Zetecua and @Elsa the solution is multiple servers with each system in place and allow the gamer to pick which payment model the wish to use!!! Of course a server with no pay to win will mean the ranking would be much more real and probably respected. but if the person want to simply burn through something in less then a month and an extra 50 bucks will do it why not? Free to play server would have a low capped progression with less patches and work done on it (a demo version if you get more albion online gold for sale) with the option of taking your progress into a subbed server for a fee and a sub. you cannot take your Account from a PTW server without either a serious nerf or complete do over Server list Arthur - Full subscription with patches and great support and mucho cudos when chatting about your level of badasseryLancelot - Pay to win that bling with RL currency for them epic Avatar pics and fun blood bathsGuinevere - low capped progression with few upgrades but free to playSquire - test server available to Lancelot and Arthur ranks I suspect increased overhead for Sandbox Interactive. It would divide the server population some perhaps. The two topics it appears you are trying to address are (1) How to improve the value of gold and (2) how to expose Albion to a wider audience. I suspect if these are the topics or are close to the topics you are trying to address, it would be beneficial to discuss a wider range of possible solutions with the Albion Online Items. My concern is there are those that may have issues with the solution you propose, yet they may also agree that the topics that concern you are topics that need attention.  
    929 Posted by blade soul
  • 18 Apr 2016
    Oh man, I played Skyforge... I got up to like 50k prestige and everything went downhill from there. Longer queues, higher cap limits but takes forever to cap it, grind gets real good by here, too. You get your regular atlas then your DIVINE atlas then your Mecha form atlas THEN nodes require so much points to unlock BNS Gold, it was cray. No healers on that game, just tanks and DPS, healing you'd have to grab up from orbs being dropped from mobs. Everything else was okay. I uninstalled the game from my machine some months back. It was good to play for a while when waiting for CBT but once I got to that point, I just didn't like the game as much anymore. Now, with that out of the way... Skyforge isn't as demanding graphically wise, though. It runs smooth as butter on Windows 10.BnS? Not so much. Then again, some people had no probs with BnS running well on Windows 10 but I still wouldn't say it was as demanding as Skyforge. I think you can run but not medium-high safe bns gold. I play on my 7 years old PC, because I decided to wait til April to buy new gaming laptop (best prices/new technology introduced). Play on 4/5 setting, with lowered shadows and get FPS up to 70 (set limit at that value), but usually around 30-50 FPS.
    724 Posted by blade soul
  • 20 Sep 2016
    Hey all, building Cursed Staff for this beta to check it out, want to see what you think of Cheap Albion Online Gold - my original build, and the one I think I'm going to switch to: Build 1 - Tankier / SustainWeapon: Cursed Staff 1H (Death Curse)Offhand: ShieldHead: Cleric (Iceblock)Chest: Soldier (Bloodlust)Boots: Scholar (Run)Build 2: More DPS / ManaWeapon: Cursed Staff 1H (Death Curse)Offhand: ShieldHead: Cleric (Iceblock)Chest: Cleric (Everlasting Spirit)Boots: Soldier (Sprint Shield)I think Build 2 is actually better, for a few reasons:Mana is an issue with Build 1, and when you're OOM as a mage, that sucks. Cloth chest brings more mana regen.Iceblock and Everlasting Spirit synergize well together. Use Everlasting Spirit first when you're low or getting focused, during the invuln refresh your DoTs and then cast Death Curse with the extra 30% damage, then Ice Block immediately after so you have more invuln while your DoTs do their thing.Bloodlust is dependent on damaging the enemy for the heals it gives you - healing you for every time you damage someone. The DoTs sound good for this at first glance, but they all stack into one tick, so even if you have three stacks, it's just one tick so I don't think it's three heals, just one. Also I want to Buy Albion Online Gold, to really benefit you'd want to use your Cursed Beam for the up to 5 hits, but in team fights, Armor Piercer is the better option, and that isn't as realiable for getting a lot of hits.Soldier boots are OP. Almost the same benefit as Run, but with a massive damage shield as well. Doesnt work like this. Respawn times have min and max margins - so actual respawn happens at random time in between. And they are like 1.5 times longer for max than min. You will not have precise moment even if you know all the numbers. And yes, respawn timers on high tier nodes seem to be in days. They are corrected with various coefficients in several places, so i'm not in position to give exact numbers. It doesn't work that way, there is a very large variable in the spawn time. It's +/- like 50% so even if you know exactly when it was harvested if it's 2 days +/- 1 day there is a huge window of when it could be back.
    598 Posted by blade soul
  • 19 Sep 2016
    A few things to think about though with the story and why I believe he was just lying to you. First if they had a way to produce a pup 100% after growing a wolf, why would they bother buying pups from albion online gold shop? Secondly why did they seem so interested in your method of collecting pups if the above was true and finally getting no reaction from the devs about the potential bug seems kind of fishy. I cannot say yet if such a bug exists or has been reported but I will say if it does exist it will be getting patched. I just think its more likely he was just lying to you to try and get you to reveal your method. it somehow look likes a lie but maybe he was not wanting to use that method and therefore asked for mine. anyway, doesnt matter. this subject must be researched by bug hunter developers. This game (also every mmo) needs automatic checker code mechanism for unusual valuable item number increase (like direwolfs, direbears, etc.) for every player to Buy Albion Online Silver. without it i dont think bug abusing will stay in minimum level. Well you think i have a secret but infact i dont. anyway i can tell the developers my method. today is the 4th day and i couldnt be able to get the 4th one. 4 days 3 pups. there is no abusing in this, dont worry. :] i know this happened to enough people in game history. I am not sure it's a bug or dev intended. Given with low rate of spawn of higher tier and 100 percent return on even every foal, it makes sense to me 100 percent pup return. In the property, it says 15percent but doesn't say anything else. So I m thinking it might be 15percent chance for pup spawn on each cycle. Besides u cannot get more than one pup per dire.      
    587 Posted by blade soul
  • 03 Apr 2016
    At some point I had a major break down with my PC so I decided to change mostly everything about it. These are the things that I bought; Fans: 4 Noctua NF-F12PWM 120 mmGPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K (not OC)Moba: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport XT I will also buy an Samsung SAM 850 250GB SSD, Corsair 650-750 PSU and Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler. You don't need anything more than this game (CPU will have to be OCed of course) and it is a perfectly fine for general gaming right now in high settings, whether it is online or not. Always avoid AMD products but that is not the point of this thread so lets talk about the game itself. Story Blade & Soul might as well have one of the best stories in gaming if you read it in a book but when it comes to how it said in the game, it is absolutely a passionless, Western version of "good vs bad", designed for the lowest common denominator. There is no moral ambiguity nor excitement. Things happen and appear in every single anti-climatic fashion; you talk to an NPC, you enter a specific area or a building and a cut-scene appears. There is no build-up or any immersion whatsoever; there is no mystery with the lore because you can pretty much cap in 2-3 days so all the places you have visited and the NPCs you talked to will become easily forgettable. In that respect, you cannot invest emotionally into Blade And Soul Gold. You might as well skip it as a whole and no one will criticize you for missing a grand story. Lastly, we are still not aware though how many changes were done, how much they butchered it in comparison with the original version. PVE You know these MMOrpgs where PvP is a tiny fraction of the core game? That is exactly how it is in this game. On top of that Dungeons & Raids are extremely uninspiring, dull and super ugly, as if someone did a perfect paint-job. Remember the first cave you entered for the first time? Well the game will not stop reminding you of that. It is that bad. PvP If you do not like Arena, you might as well "fuck off" to another MMOrpg. As simple as that. This game is all about 1v1s and if someone tells you otherwise, he is a fanboy drone. The system is designed to promote Rock-Paper-Scissors so if you dreamed of balance or outplaying your opponent keep dreaming and keep walking. Open-World PvP The only reason aka Instanced-PvP (it is restricted to an area and an island) exists is to intervene with PvE progress as you need to run dailies and what not to upgrade further your gear/weapon. If you came here expecting open-world PvP like in Aion, Lineage and Black Desert with sieges and ganking, tactics and element of surprise, depth and complexity, you might as well call it a day. Extra Loading - It is like this game was build on Lego. Everything you do has a fucking loading screen multiple times, over and over again Blade & Soul Items. The first thing you should do before even playing the game is to get an SSD. In-game Gates - What the actual fuck.Customization (keybindings, add-ons, UI scaling) - Anti-player choice and non-existent.
    564 Posted by blade soul