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Business 38,394 views Dec 26, 2017
Genext Home Tuitions in Pune Redefines the Tutoring Service

26th December, Pune: Due to inadequate teaching abilities at school, students are forced to opt for tutors at home. Genext is such a tutoring service that has revolutionized the concept to make it for appealing and amenable. The company currently provides Home Tuitions in Pune that are being favoured immensely. The Platform allows its students to find their own tutors, based upon their learning requirements and cater to its needs. Arriving from the minds of two cousins, Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, it allows both parents and children to track their progress.

When comes to this particular home tutoring service, technology is key. The platform delivers Home Tuition in Pune to all students, be it CBSE, ICSE or any other state or international boards. One of the greatest features of this platform that has singlehandedly enabled them to transform the world of tutors is the fact that they allow parents and students to connect with each other on this particular platform. The platform creates a safe environment for the participants to learn together, while availing the best available technological practices.

The tutors from Genext are equally driven and passionate about learning. Hence, they devise content tests and are comfortable with the real-time tracking and progress technology to provide quality education to the new generation. This enables parents to track the learning progress adeptly.

Ali Asgar Kagzi is looking to expand their services to new hometowns as well. “Currently, our services are available in the major cities. However, we wish to expand to suburban areas as well so that the whole Nation can enjoy the benefits of quality education that fosters new thoughts and ideas.”

At Genext, the availability of tutors is not an issue, and neither is the quality. The tutors at Genext are chosen carefully, after having been through a rigorous testing process. Talking about the quality of teachers, Gyan Deshpande said, “Really happy with the standard of teachers provided by Genext. It helped my daughter sail smoothly with her mathematics problems. I tracked her progress myself and am extremely happy with their services.”

SmitaChoksi, another user of Genext services for home tuition in Pune, said, “I am really happy with their services. They have proved to be incredibly helpful with the two tutors they have provided. My son can successfully complete his lessons alone new, after having been guided. I wish to retain their services next year as well.”

These sentiments reflect the sentiments of multiple other parents as well. The service provided by them is unparalleled, as per testimonials. What remains to see is what more innovative techniques they discover to retain their existing customers and attract new ones in their endeavour to provide quality education.

Established in 2014, Genext home tuitions in Pune have become a renowned name among students seeking guidance. Comprising of three mentors, the team of Genext comprises of a core team that determines the quality of service provided, ensuring it to be of high quality.