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Business 379 views Jun 28, 2018
The Importance of Eco Energy Solutions in Modern Era


By now, probably everyone is aware of the terms “pollution” and “global warming”. From acid rain and erosion to the unavailability of drinking water, the world has already witnessed several major impacts of pollution and global warming. In the current scenario, it has become essential to develop new ways to preserve nature and reduce our levels of pollution. Experiments are also being conducted to find feasible solutions where the ultra-modern workplace can thrive without leaving behind an excessive carbon footprint. (Information Credit – Oxbow SA)

Being environment conscious, many companies in South Africa are nowadays providing eco energy solutions for the office space. This type of company will analyse the electricity spend of your company first and then discuss what would be the best solution for your office.

a. Energy reducing lights: Gone are the days when people used high power bulbs. Advancement of technology has led to the invention of bulbs and tube lights that consume less energy and at the same time have greater output than the old-fashioned bulbs. Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) are some of the feasible solutions that are extensively used in place of traditional bulbs. They have the power to light up a larger area and if the placement of lights is done strategically then, even the nooks and crannies will also be illuminated properly. The CFL and LED lights are also priced lower than the traditional bulbs.

b. Heating Solutions: In South Africa, a major part of electricity is derived from coal. There is also the issue of depletion of coal. Therefore, the companies in South Africa providing eco energy solutions are looking in the direction of other natural sources as the source of mass electricity production. Solar power and hydro power have become a popular means of generating electricity as alternative solutions. For instance, if the solar panels are placed correctly then it is possible to generate more than 10 watts per square foot. Due to advancement in technology it is now possible to install solar panels in a much smaller area and generate enough power to supply electricity to the whole office building. Different alternate heating solutions are also used by the eco energy solutions companies in Cape Town to reduce electricity bills of office buildings in and around Cape Town.

When you are choosing an eco-energy solution providing company then, you should look in to whether they have the necessary skill to install alternative energy solutions. Their services should follow the electric wiring installations guidelines and they should have a Fire and Safety certificate. The aim is to reduce your electricity spends per annum by providing feasible solutions like LED and CFL lights and make your office dependent on alternative sources like solar energy. You should also check out whether the solutions provided by the company are within your budget. It is best to choose an experienced company in the field of providing eco-energy solutions in Cape Town.