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Health 281 views Mar 30, 2018
Family Funeral Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

Organising a funeral can be a burdensome affair, especially when you think of the costs associated with it. It can be difficult to manage funeral expenses during such a crisis. Planning a funeral in advance can be can be beneficial to your family, since a funeral cover can support your family financially during such a critical hour. Generally, family funeral covers cater to the funeral expenses of your spouse, children, parents and extended family.  A good family funeral plan covers all the major expenses involved in the funeral, along with the costs associated with the death of any family member. Some funeral plans also provide cover for funeral parlour services, repatriation services, as well as medical costs. This article discusses some of the frequently asked questions regarding family funeral covers. (Information Credit –

1. Why Should I Buy a Family Funeral Plan?

A family funeral plan shields you and your family against the costs of funerals. By investing in a prepaid funeral cover, you can protect your family from any financial stress in the future. Such plans will prepare you for everything, from selecting a funeral director, managing paperwork, arranging the service to transport costs.

2. What Are The Benefits of Family Funeral Plans?

There are different types of funeral plans available that cover different aspects of the funeral, and each comes with its unique advantages. Some of the common benefits of these plans are mentioned below:

  • Many plans offer a premium waiver for the death of a family member, and the policy stays valid for other members for at least two years.
  • Some funeral covers also offer a grocery benefit, whereby the bereaved family receives a hefty sum of money for grocery and upkeep.
  • You can avail repatriation service, allowing you to transport the deceased from place of death to South Africa.
  • All claims are paid out within 24 hours of application.

3. How Is the Premium Calculated?

The premium is usually calculated on the basis of your requested amount and the age of the applicant during the application of the policy.

4. What Happens When the Concerned Person Dies Abroad?

Most funeral plans cover expatriation charges.  In case any concerned member dies away from home, you can avail repatriation services, which will assist you to transport the corpse from the place of death to the home country.  

5. What are the Limitations of Such Funeral Cover?

It is important to watch out for the limitations of funeral covers, as your funeral plan will not pay out in the following instances:

  • Suicide within the two years from the date of commencement of your plan.
  • Self-inflicted cuts and injuries.
  • Death resulting from the exposure to perilous conditions.
  • Casualties of war, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurgency, terrorism, etc.
  • Radioactivity or nuclear explosion.
  • Any other omission or violation of the directives mentioned in the plan. 

6. Is It Possible to Personalize The Cover?

Most insurance providers allow you to personalise your funeral cover. Generally, such personalisation does not require additional costs. The plans, however, do not entertain special requests, such as flowers, music, or catering. Many funeral covers permit you to add personal tributes during the funeral proceedings. 

Not sure how to personalise your funeral cover? The following tips will assist you to create a unique family funeral cover for your loved ones.

  • Decide which type of plans you want for your family.
  • Choose a lead for the funeral proceedings.
  • Decide what poems or narrations you want in the services, and select someone to read them.
  • If there’s any specific musical piece that you would like to play during the funeral, you can mention that in the plan.
  • Also, you can select the types of flowers you want.
  • In case you are planning a cremation, decide where you want to deposit the ashes.
  • If you want burial services, mention where you would like your family to be buried. 
  • Many people also consider donating money to charities. If you would like to make donations, find out where you would like to invest your funds.

7. How Long Does It Take to Pay the Claim?

It is difficult to say how long it will take to pay a claim, as different claims have different policies. While it’s not possible to figure out the exact time, most funeral covers are likely to pay out within the 24 hours, if there are no complications involved during the time of death. 

Funeral covers have become the talking point in the recent years. When you consider the benefits that come with such policies, it is not hard to determine why it has become so popular. Whether you want a burial or a cremation, there are various kinds of comprehensive family funeral covers available that allow you to conduct the funeral proceedings in a dignified way.