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Health 363 views Jan 24, 2018
Earwax Blockage: Its Clinical Treatments

Earwax is yellowish waxy substance secreted in the outer ear canal of humans.  Although earwax provides protection by acting as a helpful coating yet it can cause severe ear blockage from excessive wax build up.

If your ear is prone to producing excessive earwax then it should be cleaned regularly otherwise it would result in ear blockage. In many cities like Peterborough in Canada, the hearing clinics offer efficient ear cleaning and wax removing treatment. Excessive wax buildup can be caused by various reasons like putting in your ears small things such as hearing aids and headphones.  You should avoid cleaning your earwax by putting harsh objects like Q-tips, safety pins etc.  Rather than delaying your precious time you can book an appointment with a hearing clinic that provides professional treatment to your earwax related problems. (Information Credit:

Signs and symptoms of earwax buildup include:

  • Severe ear pain
  • Ear irritation and itching
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of hearing and tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

This article aims to discuss the problems related to earwax and its treatments.

1. Ear blockage, a common problem and its solution

Earwax is a common health problem, prevalent in all ages.  Children may suffer from ear blockage as well as adults. You must find a good hearing clinic where your children can have proper ear examination and ear blockage treatment.

However, in case of adults, the earwax blockage can be severe leading to partial hearing loss.  Regular use of hearing aids can also cause earwax build up. Many hearing clinics in Peterborough provide professional treatment for earwax related problems. If you are suffering from heavy earwax build up then you must go for professional treatments provided by many reputed hearing clinics in Canada.

2. Ear irrigation, a method to remove earwax

The most popular way to remove earwax buildup is the irrigation method.  However, irrigation method can be done by professionals only.   Below are the steps to properly irrigate your ears:

  • At first, your ear will be cleaned properly.
  • A stream of normal water will be pushed into your ear with a syringe.
  • Then, you will be instructed to tip your head for excess water drainage.

The process might be several times depending on the severity of the earwax build up. If you frequently suffer from earwax buildup then routine ear irrigation treatment from a reputed hearing clinic may help you in preventing this condition.

3. Tinnitus from ear blockage

When water gets into the ear due to various reasons like showering or swimming it may become the reason for making the wax expand resulting in ear blockage.  Excessive earwax may cause tinnitus.  Tinnitus occurs because excessive earwax buildup changes the pressure of the eardrum and the way it vibrates. Removing earwax can help in reducing the problems related to tinnitus.

If you are suffering from any earwax related problems then you must avail the professional treatments offered by many popular hearing clinics.