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Business 359 views Nov 03, 2017
Ways to Handle Errant Debtors

It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to tackle wayward debtors. Even large businesses face the trouble of collecting their outstanding monies on time. Thus, today the issue is relevant for businessesof all sorts and sizes. In present times, it is not easy to handle such issues alone. After all how much time will you waste following up with a non-paying customer or how many such customers can you follow up with? There are numerous Credit Management Agencies who are waiting to take responsibility for such non-paying customers. It is a sensible decision to hire the services of such a registered company.


The authentic collection agencies are well versed in debt collection strategies and legalities. Hence, you should hire them to ease your anxiety. They will devise a strategy according to the type of debtor. Some of the non-payers may require more persuasion than the others. Sometimes, sending a letter or email to debtors will make them pay the bills. But, it has been observed in most of the cases that they do not even bother to open the letter. In fact, some debtors have become experts at avoiding payments.


Hence, collecting debts is a test of skill, patience and perseverance. The registered agencies can easily point out this type of debtor by their attitude. Some of them may claim that they had never applied for credit from you, while some may acknowledge the debt. Then, they will give all possible excuses to delay the date of payment.


Here are some suggestions on how to handle difficult situations when collecting debt.


The first step would be to hire a registered company which will collect the debt on your behalf and protect you from fraudsters. For this, you should thoroughly research the company or agency’s website and see how experienced they are. They follow the norms and devise strategies according to the situations. (Information Credit –


  • Although they will act as a layer of security for your company, you should make clear that the payment has to be made on time when your client approach you for credit. Ensure that your client understands the terms and conditions when applying for credit with your company.
  • Before providing credit, do a background check on your potential client. This will significantly reduce the number of errant debtors. Do not depend upon hearsay.
  • You should always be focused when making decisions. Do not listen to gossip or personal stories narrated by the client when they are applying for credit. The debt collecting agencies, as your representation, are always focused and professional when meeting a client. They keep a tight rein on conversations and so should you.
  • These types of agencies often ask questions rapidly to bring out the truth from the wayward debtors. This strategy has a high success rate.
  • You should notify the Credit Bureaus when none of the above methods work. This will result in a bad credit rating for the debtor and they will be listed with the Credit Bureau.


The last resort is litigation. The agency will advise filing a lawsuit against an exceptionally stubborn client when they do not pay heed to any warnings. The proceedings, thus, must be taken seriously and executed properly.