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Shopping 330 views Aug 14, 2017
The Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Backrests

Polyurethane foam is an extremely soft and lightweight material which is used across industries for various purposes. Most notably, polyurethane foam is used in the manufacture of backrests in various types of furniture, including office chairs and stacker chairs.  Despite its softness, it has a remarkably durable quality that makes it stand out. Backrests built by using this foam have more advantages when compared to other types of furniture material. (Information credit: Furniture Depot)


1. Durability: Initially designed for astronauts for space applications, polyurethane provides an unparalleled durability in comparison with other materials. The polyurethane mix provides the necessary strength needed for a back support, while being extremely light. This makes it suitable in a variety of settings from office use to household arrangements.


2. Low Cost: Compared to other back support materials like PVC, polyurethane foam is relatively cheaper to manufacture.  Additionally, most furniture with polyurethane are generally purchased in bulk, like stacker chairs or office chairs which reduces the price per unit by a significant margin.


3. Lightweight and adjustable: Because of the unique qualities of polyurethane foam, the material is highly flexible and adjustable. It’s also lightweight, making it suitable for a variety of users. Having a varied degree of flexibility also protects the material from daily wear and tear.


4. Thermal insulation: Although not a direct point of contention, polyurethane has high thermal retention capabilities, meaning it can retain heat for a longer period of time. This is extremely useful for use in cold climates, where materials like stainless steel or wrought iron often fail.


5. Ergonomics: One of the prime functions of using polyurethane foam is the amount of comfort they provide. It’s a soft and flexible material that provides a comfortable yet strong back support. The need for ergonomics is an essential requirement in any office setting, where workers have to engage in long period of sitting. Using non-flexible materials like hard plastic can induce workers to develop an improper posture which could lead to several health issues.


6. Low maintenance: Polyurethane foam is clean, dry and non-porous material, preventing dust particles from accumulating in cracks or holes.  Unlike stainless steel, it is less susceptible to scratching or other structural damage. Most surfaces are corrosion and rust resistant. This makes maintenance a piece of cake, reducing maintenance or replacement costs by quite a lot.


It is important to choose the right material for your furniture, as they are often regarded as a long-term asset. Polyurethane backrests provide just the right mix of durability, reliability and functionality that makes the furniture so versatile. Thus, it is a wise decision to go for such products from a reputed furniture brand.  Polyurethane foam components extend to a variety of uses in furniture like office chairs, stacker chairs, bar stools, double seater benches. Thus, it is regarded as the modern solution to all furniture needs.