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Business 242 views Aug 10, 2017
Parameters to Consider Before Choosing a Suitable Stretch Tent

Stretch tents, also known as Bedouin tents, belong to a special category of tents that use flexible and extremely durable fabrics. These fabrics are usually waterproof and meet the standards regarding safety and fire hazard issues. Stretch tents come in various sizes (from bivouacs to circus tents) and designs and can be used on multifarious occasions e.g. wedding ceremony, recreational camps, trekking, and many more. The weight of these tents also varies according to their size and material. They can be carried by a single person in some cases, but at other times you might need a car or lorry to carry them. (Information credit: Stock Tents)


Stretch tents come with plenty of beneficial traits such as:

a) Less time to set up and break down: These tents can be set up and dismantled taking only 6 hours and 2 hours respectively which is far less time than the construction and dismantling times of a marquee tent.


b) Flexibility: The special fabric used to make these tents gives them a commendable amount of flexibility so that they can be set up in any shape and size.


c) Better quality: The material used for these tents are waterproof and meet all necessary safety standards. Also, they provide protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays and various microbial infections.


d) Modular capability and room for creativity: Stretch tents can be linked together effortlessly to form larger tents for sheltering a lot more people. They are also very good for making creative designs on them as well as for video mapping and projection.


Because of these advantages, nowadays people are inclined to choose these tents,asthey are rapidly gaining in popularity. But as there are many companies available, you might find it a bit confusing to select a suitable tent for yourself. Here are some important factors for you to consider while choosing a stretch tent for a specific occasion:


1. Price: There is a wide variation in prices when it comes to Bedouin tents. Usually, the price increases with the quality of the fabric. Price also varies widely according to the size of the tent. So, before selecting a tent, determining a suitable price range that fits your pocket is crucial.


2. Size: As per the nature of the occasion, the number of guests varies, and so does the size of the tent. If you need to house a large number of people, you can buy a large tent or several small tents and connect them together.


3. Colour: These tents come in a wide range of colours and designs. Choose a colour that reflects your taste and suits the occasion at the same time. 


4. Brand: Choose a brand that has a decent reputation in the market and has been in this business for several years. You can go through their brochures, websites, and customer feedback to determine the quality of their services. Also check whether the company offers to set up the tent for you as well or not.


After considering all these parameters thoroughly now you would be able to make your selection quite easily.

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