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Business 255 views Aug 03, 2017
Top Five Advantages of Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel (also known as inox or inox steel) can be defined as an alloy of steel containing a significant percentage (10.5) of chromium content. Besides iron and chromium, stainless steel also consists of molybdenum, nickel, and carbon. Among them, nickel is capable of acting as a catalyst in a certain crystalline structure known as austenite. (Information credit: Eurosteel)


Stainless steel exhibits many properties such as –

a) Anti oxidation: The chromium content of stainless steel acts as a galvanising agent and provides a passive layer that protects this material from getting oxidised in air. The oxidation of iron in air and water is popularly known as rusting. The amount of chromium might vary in this alloy from 13% to 26% according to the nature of the environment. If the air is damp, more chromium content will be required to prevent rusting.


b) Non-reactivity against acid, base, and alkali: Stainless steel usually doesn’t undergo chemical reaction with acids and alkaline substances depending upon the temperature. For example, at room temperature, type 904 steel doesn’t even react with concentrated sulphuric acid whereas type 430 is non-reactive with nitric acid. In the case of bases and alkalis, stainless steel materials of the300 series are impervious to alkalis like sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite.


Due to these properties, stainless steel is used in numerous fields and to manufacture myriads of products such as pipes, sheets, plates, coils, valves, flanges, ornamental tubing, decorative finish, BSP fittings and many more. 


Products made of stainless steel come with many advantageous features. These features are discussed below:


1. Free from corrosion: Stainless steel is impervious to oxidation that prevents rusting and consequently prevents corrosion. It is also non-reactive to various acids and alkaline substances. So stainless products are unlikely to be spoiled even if it comes in contact with acids. All varieties of stainless steel are also water resistant.


2. Ductile nature: Stainless steel has a high elasticity quotient that makes it one of the most ductile metals in the world. This nature allows designingof products of any possible shape and size from long pipes to small flanges. This property also makes the installation of such products much easier.


3. Temperature resistant: Almost all varieties of stainless steel are resistant to temperature. They can withstand significantly higher temperature than room temperature. Because of this and corrosion resistance, all products made of this substance are extremely durable.


4. Economic advantage: This type of steel is a widely manufactured substance that makes its cost significantly low. Furthermore, the durability and corrosion resistance of this type of steel greatly lowers its maintenance cost. The installation cost of stainless steel products, like pipes, is also very low because they are easy to install and require less manpower.


5. Aesthetic qualities: Stainless steel finishes are aesthetically pleasing and the products made of it can blend themselves in with modern architectural constructions and designs.


These are the main reasons behind the huge popularity of various stainless steel objects across the globe.

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    If you are starting a business in the industrial sector, you are going to need furniture. Not just any furniture either, for all intensive purposes it must be industrial modern furniture. You may well be familiar with home furnishings and decor, but perhaps the thought of buying your items from an industrial furniture store leaves you perplexed. Exactly what should you look for in this segment of the furniture world? We will explain all about that right here and now.     Suitable Industrial Furniture   Although of late, it has become popular to use refurbished industrial lab furniture in residential homes, for the most part you are dealing with two separate animals. What is fashionable and useful in your home is drastically different than the requirements for furniture in an industrial facility. In the first place, it must be sturdy and durable. You want furniture that will withstand the everyday bump and grind of the tasks that will be completed on it. Delicate furnishings are definitely not wanted here. Forget furnishings that will crack or warp or break easily; those simply will not do! You need the toughest industrial modern furnishings you can find, period!     Industrial Strength Shelving   The next thing you want to look at is shelving, preferably made out of steel or another suitable material, with plenty of storage capability. More than likely the building you have chosen for your industrial business cannot be expanded. Plus it is highly impractical for you to move to another location. Therefore your shelving has to be able to store all of your tools and supplies, both now and in the future. In other words, the shelving you select must be able to accommodate the growth of your business. Here again, the material you choose must be a reinforced metal of some sort, like steel or copper or even chrome. It has to be able to withstand the weight of whatever you intend to store on it. If it buckles, falls apart, or tips over easily, it is no good. Think before you buy!     The Industrial Furniture Store You Should Choose   It goes without saying that you ought to find a superb industrial furniture store that you can depend on. It should be one you can keep returning to periodically that has what you need in order for your business to function. A brief list of criteria follows below.   Do they have the specific types of furniture you require?             (antique stores will not suffice, it must be an industrial lab furniture manufacturer or distributor) Do they have the quantities of industrial furnishings that you will need? Is the quality of their furnishings appropriate for your business? Will they custom build to suit your environment & needs? Do they have a warranty on their products and materials? Do they have a knowledgeable staff that you can rely on for assistance? Do they deliver, and install in a timely fashion?     More Important Tips for You   Before you arrive at an industrial modern furniture store, do some homework. Make a list of exactly what you need for your business and note the specific materials you want. If necessary, seek the advice of an expert or a mentor who is already in that field. He or she will know exactly what kind of industrial grade furniture you need in order to function properly. Do not necessarily go with the first store you find; instead shop around to ensure you are getting the best quality. The store you ultimately select should, in effect, be your furniture partner for life. After all, you and they will probably be doing business together for a very long time. Therefore, make your choice of industrial lab furniture stores wisely.
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  • 16 Jun 2017
    The best way to scan large documents is to use a large format scanner. The large format scanner is one of the best solutions if you are planning to generate a digital archive.  Some large format architectural printers have built-in scanning facilities. However, you can invest in a large format scanner to make excellent scans. Whether your documents are torn, have thick foamy boards, or have faded colors, no matter how difficult your project is, scanning with a large format scanner ensures accurate and high quality images.   Scanning a standard document is quite easy; the document feeder or the flatbed handle do not create many problems. However, scanning large documents could create a lot of hassles. Whether you want to print blueprints, long certificates, architectural drawings, or banners, a large format scanner is the one stop solution for all your scanning issues. (Information credit:   If you have never used a large format scanner before, here are some simple steps that will ensure a smooth scanning process.   1. Determine the Layout of Your Documents Before getting into the details of how to scan large documents, you must find out about the layout of your documents. Talking about scanning, a large document can mean several things: it can mean a document with large volumes of pages or simply an oversized document. Large documents may include architectural designs, exceptionally wide banners, long certificates and images requiring careful handling.  Irrespective of the type of documents, you must be thoroughly informed about their specifications.   2. Prepare the Documents Before sending your documents over for scanning, you must inspect them.  If there are any torn edges or paper folds, they might create problems while scanning.  Additionally, check if your document is clean or not.  Neat documents are the key to good scanning.   4. Load the Pages into the Feeder Once you have organized your documents into a neat pile, load them into the feeder. Large format scanners mostly involve feed rolls. This is why you should align the edges of your documents before placing them on the feeder. Once you have finished preparing the feeder, there is really nothing much left for you to do.   4. Calibrate Your Scanner Cleaning and calibration are important for a scanner’s optimal performance. Calibration will enhance the accuracy of your scanning. Calibrating your scanner to your monitor is very similar to calibrating your monitor to your printer. You can choose a good program, for instance, Adobe Photoshop, to do your calibration. Some people also buy third-party calibration programs that are readily available in the market. Regardless of what you are using, the process involves these following steps:   Generate a color reference sheet Scan this color reference sheet Make sure you clean up the scanned copy by removing dust and scratches. Analyze your scan either by making visual adjustments or allowing the profiling software to make adjustments.   5. Press Scan Once you have completed all the above steps successfully, you are all set for scanning. Check your set up and hit the scan option. Make sure that you don’t forget to save the file in the appropriate format — pdf, jpg or tiff.   If you have a sizeable scanning project to complete, switch to a large format scanner to get excellent scans. For large document scanning in fields such as construction, architecture, engineering and manufacturing, a large format scanner is extremely helpful. Talking about technicality, large format scanners have high cameras that set them apart from other forms of scanners. The excellent technology of large format scanner ensures hundred percent accuracy of the image.
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  • 01 Feb 2017
    Investing is a key factor that helps you reach your long term goals. There are some factors that determine your success in investing. Your knowledge about investing, the tools that you want to use during investing, your motivation, your time and most importantly, expert guidance, are some of the factors. If you are new to investing, you need to get the lay of the land first. Before investing, you need to know what stock, investment allocation, bond, ETF and mutual fund are. They are basically different types of investment markets where you can invest. Visit easyMarkets learn centre. In terms of investing money, there are different approaches that investors usually follow during the process of investment. Top five ways to go about it are described below. It is up to you to choose an option that is perfect for you. Do it yourself: If you want to invest money without any expert guidance, you need to execute a lot of things. First you should analyse the market before making a decision according to the right asset allocation. You also need to determine which investments you should buy, and implement the buys and sells. Once you have implemented the buys and sells, you have to monitor the portfolio and manage and rebalance the portfolio according to the prudent repeatable process (make sure that it is tax efficient). Seek the counsel of an advisor who provides you guidance and recommendations: If you prefer this option, the advisor will help you by giving you advice in terms of allocation and specific investments. However, it is up to you whether you will implement the recommended changes to the specific investments and allocations or not. The advisor never monitors or calls you proactively when change occurs. Your advisor and you can both co-manage your investments: In this option, the advisor executes most of the work, ie, analysis, recommendations, investment implementations etc., except the employer retirement accounts, where you make specific changes. The advisor monitors your asset allocation and investments constantly and reports to you frequently about the performance of your portfolio. If any problems arise, they take pro-active steps and contact you to discuss the problem. Money manager who can take your investment decisions: In terms of money managing, you are just an observer who will observe the process and the results of investments, as they invest money (according to the pre-determined plan), monitor your portfolio and take investment decisions on your behalf. You can take advice from a sales professional who earns money when a product is sold to you: As per this approach, the salesperson demands commission for the advice s/he has given to you. In fact, if any issue arises and you need to change investments, they can charge you another commission. These are the top five options for investing your money, from where you can choose one and try the investment process according to that option. Before selecting the perfect investment option for you, make sure it is indeed perfect for you.
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  • 13 Apr 2016
    Wedding stationery is one of the most important things that you need to do, organise and buy in preparation of your wedding. Wedding is definitely a big day for you, and you need to let your guests know about your forthcoming big day in advance. The tone of your special day is set by the accessories and your wedding invitation. Also, they firmly establish your taste and style. Try to make it different and special, as it will be the first official message of your wedding that your guests will receive. Start with your wedding stationery, if wedding is important to you.   Make use of the internet In order to plan your wedding, make good use of the internet. You can do all your research online, and also, you can find the stationery items according to your choice. You can find hundreds of websites that offer personalised stationery in Cape Town and all over the world. All you have to do is choose the stationery that matches with your taste. There are a number of brides, who do their wedding research online, in order to know all the latest trends and available products. You can collect ideas from them and ask your wedding stationer to implement them in your wedding stationery. Most wedding stationery companies actually send you a sample of the stationery that you choose, in order to let you know how they will really look.   Personalised stationery  The dream of every bride is to make her wedding perfect and unique. For this, getting customised or personalised wedding stationery is the best thing that you can do. There are many advantages of customising your wedding stationery. One of the main advantages is that you can select the text size, typeface and colour, and also, enter your own wordings. You can personalise your wedding stationery according to the theme of your wedding. Wedding accessories and invitations can be bought in different kinds of styles including contemporary, classic, floral, layered, embossed and religious.   Select a theme Choose stationery that matches with the overall theme of your wedding. You may choose to have floral prints on your stationery items, if you are having a garden wedding. Matching with the theme of the wedding, you can choose accessory items that you can tie in your stationery. For example, hearts, ribbons, rings, white doves and many more. This also applies to the colour of your invitation.   Stationery items There is a large variety of wedding stationery items available in the market. Also, there are a number of companies that provide wedding stationeries. In order to match your wedding invitations, the other stationery accessories you can get are save the date cards, bridal shower invitations, monograms, menus, place cards etc.   Plan ahead Your wedding is the biggest event of your life. So you should plan it properly. Here are some tips to organise your wedding properly:   Double-check the wording in the invitation card, to see that there is no mistake. As soon as the time, date and place of your wedding are fixed, order your invitations. Mail your invitation at least six weeks before the wedding.
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  • 05 Sep 2016
    Flowers ignite our creativity like no other object in this word. From poets to common men, flowers are praised by everyone.  Fresh flowers have been used for decoration since ancient times as they up lift the mood at any time. But flowers bloom for a limited time; hobbyists and artists prefer to dry out the flowers so that they can be used for a longer period of time (Information Credit -   How are flowers dried? There are many ways to dry the flowers so they are well preserved. Mostly people put flowers inside a heavy book and leave it undisturbed for few days. This is known as the ‘press’ method. If you choose to dry the flowers using the press method, then you should make sure that you line the page with parchment or wax paper. This protects the pages of the book from getting destroyed from the moisture that come off the flowers. Flowers can also be left in the vase till they dry.    Another method is to hang them upside down in a well-ventilated place away from sunlight. Flowers can be dried in microwave or using silica gel. No matter which method you choose, you have to wait for the results except for microwave method. But microwave method is fussy as you have to use cat litter to cover the flowers. Ordering dried flowers in bulk quantity is an easy way to get dried flowers for professional or other creative requirements. Companies that supply dried flowers use the right method to preserve the flowers.    Uses of dried flowers Dried flowers have many uses. Dried flowers are used in cooking. They add distinctive flavour to teas. Preserved beauty of nature, dried flowers are used to make potpourris that can be used as decoration or as natural air fresheners. Dried flower sachets are full of fragrance, and placing them in drawers and closets act as insect repellent. They are used as natural dyes.   Dried flower can has many creative uses. From decorating a room for celebration to create beautiful creative works of art, dried flowers add beauty to whatever they touch. In the creation of candles, papers, scrapbook and many more, hobbyists prefer to use dried flowers to create unique pieces.   3 ways to use striking beauty of dried flowers to personalise items If you want to gift something special to your loved one or create beautiful items for personal use, all you need is a bunch of dried flowers.   Magical jewellery Beautiful pendant and bracelets can be made using dried flowers.  Dried flowers can be woven into headbands, crowns and bracelets. They look beautiful and go well with a dress to achieve a feminine or bohemian look.  It can be a good idea for your theme outdoor party or brunch. They are easy to make. One idea could be to use small hollow glass globes or tiny DIY jars and bottles to make pendants and charms. Just fill these tiny transparent containers with beautiful dried flowers and plant parts. Adding some glitter can add a fairy touch to your charm or pendant. Seal it and it could be used as a pendant or bracelet charm.  They look magical.   Nail art Dried flowers can be used to create attractive nail art which not only enhances your beauty but which is also unique. You will get many compliments for your nail art. There are many ways to use dried flowers to decorate your nail. One simple way could be to use white nail paint as base. Now arrange the dried flowers in desired pattern with tweezers. Seal it with clear coat and let it dry. Once it is dry you can flaunt it in front of your friends. Make sure you use good quality dried flowers or else you won’t get the good effect.   Cards, letters and scrapbook Dried flowers are used to make decorative handmade paper. Beautiful handmade paper with dried flowers petals appearing unevenly on its surface, are best medium to express your feelings.  Dried flowers are used to decorate scrapbook. Scrapbook decorated with dried flowers both looks and smells beautiful. If you want to add a unique touch to your scrapbook use the magic of dried flowers. One of the most personalised gifts is cards. If you are making a card for your loved ones then decorate them with dried flowers.
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  • 17 Feb 2016
    Pest control is vital to all walks of life. Whether on account of personal health, for agriculture or for industry, getting rid of pests is an absolute necessity. A ‘pest’ is popularly defined as various species of animals (usually insects) which do considerable harm to or pollute our surroundings. Creatures such as flies, fleas, mice, locusts, cockroaches come under the ambit of ‘pest’. Exterminating them is a pre-requisite for maintaining a healthy life and a healthier economy. Pest control appeared first in human societies back in the Neolithic Revolution era, when large numbers of human races began to switch to an agricultural way of life from the traditional pastoralism. With settling down and growing crops for subsistence, the need for saving their plants and produce came up. Against seed-eating birds, mice which gnawed into the roots, locusts which destroyed crops---man needed something to shield his livelihood with. Thus he invented techniques such as crop rotation, companion cropping, selective-breeding of pest-resistant varieties etc. And by the 3rd Millennium BCE, he had come up with the chemical fertiliser. As industrialisation spread through the 18th and 19th centuries, chemical pesticides began to be produced on a much wider scale. In recent times, we have seen a number of innovations, experimentations and re-thinking done in this arena. Concerns about the long-term toxic effect of agricultural chemical pesticides, Governments and farmers have turned to more eco-friendly means of pest control management. Some of these are: BIOLOGICAL PEST CONTROL: Use of microbial or live animals to control pests such as mosquitoes. The soil bacterium species Bt. israelensis infects the digestive systems of mosquito larvae, and kills them. Fish such as tilapia and carp feed on mosquito eggs and larvae.  Use of pet cats by farmers to devour and control pests such as rats and mice has been there since the beginning of civilisation. MECHANICAL PEST CONTROL: Use of netting over the crop can help to prevent winged pests from descending on it. Putting polythene or collar-like structures around the roots prevent larvae from eating the soil nutrients or roots. Use of carnivorous plants or insect and mice traps, also goes a long way in keeping them from ravaging crops. Immersing of plant parts in hot water to kill off mites and bacteria is also practised in many parts. SOLARISATION OR SOLAR PEST CONTROL: Cover up soils or substrates with transparent polythene for weeks on end during summer. This heats up the soil temperature so much that many harmful microbes and insect larvae are killed. This also helps to considerably disinfect the soil. BREEDING GROUND ELIMINATION: It’s common knowledge by now that preventing the accumulation of fresh water in soil cracks, the breeding of mosquitoes can be prevented. Also the scattering around of garbage and waste with no proper means of disposing, provides ample scope for cockroach, rat and fly infestation. Thus it is an absolute necessity for all communities to have a proper garbage drop-off, collection and disposal system. Also the municipalities of all cities must make sure that roads are not pot-holed. Similarly, sewers should not be left open or uncovered. It’s not for nothing that they say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Use of LED spectrums is also known to stop the breeding of certain insects. FIELD BURNING, BAIT POISONING ETC.: This is mainly used on caterpillars that infest mulberry leaves, groundnuts and other crops. Caterpillars are polyphagous creatures, and every female butterfly lays about 1200 eggs, which hatch within four to five days, immediately after which the young creatures start feeding. Once grown up, caterpillars ravage the crop of a single field within a week, leaving behind only stems. The most effective means to control them are: Deep-ploughing of fields just before monsoon season to expose the pupae and kill them with sunlight; making bonfires on the field bunds at night to destroy larvae en masse or use of poisoning by larva pesticides. Apart from caterpillars, field burning is also used to kill off rodents or insects.    Apart from agriculture and agricultural commerce, pest control management systems play a huge part in urbane private lifestyles as well. In order to keep our homes safe from flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches, we frequently order large cans of Hit and Baygon to spray-kill cockroaches and rats, and buy coils and insect-repellent aroma dispensers to keep out mosquitoes. Apart from these home measures, we also employ professional exterminator teams from time to time to hunt down and expel pests. For commercial enterprises, these teams design elaborate pest-ridding schemes, and devise and experiment with ways to implement and maintain them. Emergencies are well-attended to, and most of these units are very effective as well. Still, self-help is the best help when it comes to staying clean, healthy and safe.
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  • 06 Nov 2017
    Social media marketing has become one of the most popular marketing techniques that many marketers around the world use nowadays. The reasons behind the immense popularity of this strategy include its cost-effectiveness, better conversion rate, reaching a large number of customers, an increase of brand value, quick results and constructive feedback. Billions of people nowadays spend a significant amount of time on various social networking sites and hence, this new marketing strategy can reach a lot of potential customers through their online advertisements and other promotional events. (Information credit:   Though it seems like a lucrative opportunity to get involved in SMM, being successful in social media marketing requires the correct application of various strategies and plans. This marketing technique includes a vast array of multiple activities such as posting attractive texts, videos, images, and other events to ensure the involvement of the audience and customers.   If you want to be a successful businessman using the help of SMM, below you would find a few tips that might help you to promote your business online –   1. Devise a foolproof social media plan: Planning is very important to be successful in any type of business and social media marketing is not an exception. If you can come up with a foolproof plan and execute it properly, your business will be successful and protected from potential losses. The digital marketing agencies around the world offer many ingenious marketing plans that you might consider while getting into this business.   2. Come up with a good content: Content is one of the key elements of social media marketing and it forms a direct connection with the viewers and customers. To maintain the quality of the content, you must keep in mind that your content must offer some valuable insights about your products or services to the customers. Also, you have to post your content at regular intervals along with images and videos.   3. Study the existing content for making further improvements: In social media marketing, there is always room for making improvements because getting the attention of your viewers is not an easy job nowadays in this highly competitive market. Various digital marketing agencies across the globe offer quality content materials and tools for making improvements.   4. Upload your content consistently: Consistency is very important for social media marketing. At the moment, a customer can find myriads of websites promoting different events on various social networking sites. So, if your customers do not see your content at regular intervals, they are going to eventually forget about it and you will lose some of your customers. Therefore, you should upload your content for the promotional purpose consistently. It is better to maintain a schedule for uploading your promotional content so that the viewers will be expecting it after a certain period of time.    5. Share links to various sites: Sharing links of your product or service website is an efficient way to reach new customers. You can also provide other links with relevant topics and valuable information with your shared links to gain the trust of your customers. This is probably one of the quickest ways of getting the attention of millions of people.   6. Use social media to increase your traffic: Social media marketing provides many effective strategies and tools that can increase the traffic of your website. Expanding the traffic would help you in promoting your service or product in a more efficient way.   7. Using proper hashtags: Make sure your hashtags are simple and easy to spell. In addition to this, they have to be appealing to your viewers. Proper use of hashtags can make wonders for your social media marketing campaign.   In this era of digital marketing and e-commerce, social media marketing plays a significant role to reach more customers. Therefore, it is important to follow the right set of rules to be successful in this unique marketing approach.
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  • 17 Feb 2016
    Modern life is full of stresses of every kind imaginable. There’s the stress of office, of home, spouse, kids, co-workers, bosses...the list goes on. This has sprung into existence various mental, physical and psycho-somatic ailments, such as panic attacks, insomnia, acid reflux etc. Hence, there has been a spurt in the business of psychiatrists and counsellors who offer their services to soothe the frayed nerves. Alongside medical professionals, there exist people such as Life Coaches; people who can dispense tips and advice related to upping the quality of your life and helping to manage your problems effectively. One of the major mental ailments that are a bane for the modern population is depression. Widely known as the silent killer, it could be fatal unless attended to in time. Life coaches, while not trained medical professionals, do provide a lot of help when it comes to milder or medium forms of depression.So what exactly are the symptoms of depression which an offline or online life coaching service would help one get rid of? Let’s see. Helping One to Get Past Overgeneralisation: A life coach helps the afflicted person to get rid of the negative patterns, that have formed in their minds. Negative thought generalisation is something that someone who is depressed will adopt. Negative thinking patterns have the potential of forever keeping the person stuck in a rut of negativity and negative energy.E.g., a person who receives bad treatment from one person for no apparent reason will expect everyone else to treat them as badly. It is important to break this pattern, and that’s what life coaches help with. Filtering Out the ‘Right’: This is yet another major thing that enables the negativity to trap your soul. It makes the depressed person focus on what went ‘wrong’ for him/her, but conveniently overlooks what went ‘right’. This is yet another thought cycle that a life coach can train you to break. Emotional Reasoning: Emotional reasoning is the bane that helps to strengthen the two aforementioned and afore-described trains or lines of thought. Suppose one goes out to a park, accidentally hits a stone and falls down. At that very moment, they see a group of people next to them burst out loud, laughing. This leads the person to conclude that it was their clumsiness which had lead to the people laughing, whereas it might not have been so. Following one incident, the person would keep on applying the same logic everywhere which would make it seem that everyone around him/her is laughing or deriding him/her. Not Enjoying Things That One Previously Used To: A characteristic feature of depression that it prevents people from enjoying what they previously used to. In fact, they are not only trapped in a cesspool of negativity, but all attempts at snatching bits of positivity fail miserably. They feel helpless and lost. The four symptoms described above are the four cardinal features of depression. A Life Coach with the requisite training can help by prescribing methods and advocating practises by which a person could overcome the stat of depression and muster strength to climb up from the pits of hell.
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  • 08 Mar 2018
    Furniture plays an important role in deciding the comfort of the employees in offices or in any other form of workplace. Nowadays, with increasing workload, office employees have to spend long hours sitting at their desks. However, every industry is completely dependent on the competence and diligence of its employees. Thus, using adjustable height tables have several benefits. In workplaces, seating should be comfortable enough to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the employees. The adjustable desks and chairs have several advantages.  Sometimes, it becomes difficult to determine the ideal height of the desk. As different employees have different heights and body structures, non-adjustable tables become severely inconvenient for some people. Hence the adjustable height table plays a significant role.  Sitting still for long hours and working for the whole day can adversely affect the body. However, the tables with adjustable heights offer employees comfortable seating arrangements so that they can enjoy their work for longer periods of time. A decade ago, finding such adjustable height table or ergonomic table was a difficult task. In modern days, there are many companies that specialise in manufacturing such ergonomic furniture at affordable prices. Adjustable height tables are getting increasingly popular in the corporate world where the workers have to work for long hours to reach the daily targets. Although the adjustable height tables are a bit costly yet they are tremendously beneficial for the overall health of your office employees. The adjustable desks or tables are gradually becoming the most popular furniture. In various places like office, lapidaries and factories, the adjustable height tables have become widely accepted. The adjustable height tables are also called sit-and-stand tables as these kinds of tables allow the employees to work in their preferred position that makes them comfortable. [Information Credit:] However, adjustable height tables are usually becoming popular for several reasons. A comprehensive discussion on the advantages of the adjustable height tables are discussed below:- 1) Greater comfort i. Adjustable height table provides the same level of comfort to all the employees irrespective of their physique and height. ii. The ergonomic feature of adjustable height table offers the employees the comfort and ease so that they can work for longer hours. iii. It also helps in correcting the body postures of the employees who have to sit for longer periods. As a result, the stress level of the employees is reduced increasing the work production. 2) High durability i. Adjustable work tables are made of high-quality components with greater durability. ii. However, you should buy this type of high- cost furniture from reliable manufacturer to doubly ensure the quality of the products. 3) High-efficiency i. Adjustable heights of the tables help the work employees to work for longer period of time with ease and comfort. ii. This kind of table is also highly efficient as it reduces the stress level of the employees delivering a comfortable position. 4) Cost-effectiveness i. These types of furniture are one-time buy products as they are made with high-quality components extending the durability of the furniture. ii. These kinds of furniture require minimum maintenance, thus reducing the extra expenses. 5) A wide range of options i. The adjustable height tables are available in various ranges catering to the different needs of the people. ii. This type of adjustable desk offers the versatility of postures and movements so that employees can use them according to their own convenience. However, there are other several factors that you should keep in mind before choosing adjustable height tables. The details are discussed below:- Different ranges of height a) The height plays a vital role while choosing the adjustable desk for your usages. Based on your own body height you may find some options that are not suitable for you like others. b) If your height is shorter or taller than the average people then you must choose a desk that is highly adjustable to your own body features. Unnecessary noise a) Before buying any adjustable height desk you must check if the furniture produces any unwanted noise. b) Desks that produce too many noise are not good options for any kind of work environment, be it home or office. Speed a) While buying any kind of adjustable height desk you must consider speed as an important factor. You should see how fast the process of lifting or lowering can be done. b) You must try out the desks or tables before buying to see whether they are able to shift positions quickly or not. c) The best option will allow the desk to shift its positions in seconds. Electrical power a) Some adjustable height tables depend on the electricity to change their positions. b) You need to ensure that you have accessible power outlets near your desk. Price a) Price plays an important role as this type of adjustable desk is quite pricey. b) However, if you have an economical budget then you need to do a bit of research before buying any adjustable desk chairs. Ability to bear weight a) Most of the adjustable height desks come with weight restrictions. b) However, there are some adjustable height desks that can handle extra weight to some extent. In conclusion, it can be said that the adjustable height tables have become the first preference of the working professionals in various industries. This type of furniture facilitates the employees to increase the working potential and improve the overall productivity at the workplace.
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  • 07 Mar 2016
    Working as a veterinarian is the career of choice for a lot of animal lovers. Not only is it a lucrative career profession that is a lot less academically demanding as compared to human medicinal courses, but it’s also extremely emotionally fulfilling as a profession. So, what does it take to become a vet? Below are some useful tips on adapting veterinary medicine as a profession:    Gain experience in the veterinary field: The keyword for a flourishing career in the veterinary field is “experience”. That’s something that matters more than even degrees or education. Gather as much experience as it is possible with animals in your locality, your school compound or the community pet centre. And if you’re an animal lover, then it’d be an added advantage since you’d gain some first-hand exposure with regards to animals and their health matters.   Graduate from high school. You should graduate from school with a specialisation in a science subject, such as biology, physics or chemistry, not to forget maths. If you’re good at science and especially Biology, then you’d have a hunch that medicine is the correct field of choice for you, much in the same manner as the general medical stream for becoming a doctor for humans.   Get a bachelors degree. Attend a college which offers the course which is required to get into a medical or vet college. Or, you can straightaway get into a vet school from high school. If one particular school has a different set of prerequisites from the others, then you should make sure that you have taken all the required courses before enrolling into a veterinary college.   Consider an accelerated path to veterinary school. In case you don’t like to go through the hassles of additional courses before veterinary college, then it’s better to earn a degree or working experience as a veterinary’s associate or deputy, which is somewhat like an apprentice. Once you complete the internship, you’ll be issued a certificate which would enable you to set up your own practise. There are fortunately more than one way to get into vet school.   Work hard on your application to veterinary school. Getting into a veterinary school is very hard. There are far fewer veterinary schools than medical schools. So, you need to make your application stand out! Making your application stand out is not hard! First, you will need to get lots of veterinary experience and animal experience.   Prepare for the financial strain of veterinary school. Like colleges relating to most other disciplines, getting into a Vet College is extremely expensive. But worry not, since that part could be taken care of by the numerous scholarship programmes and student loan provisions existing in the nation of South Africa. Additionally, take up a few part-time jobs if need arises.   Complete veterinary school. It is usually a couple of years before one can earn the coveted DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to widen the acronym). Penn Foster College and Plat College are two of the most accredited and famous vet colleges in Johannesburg, and they allow students to graduate from the college in duration of just over three years, or even lower. The courses which are covered in these colleges range from general anatomy and biochemistry to pharmacology and animal surgery.
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