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Technology 290 views Jul 14, 2017
Leading-edge Solutions for Digital Apps: Augmented Reality (AR)

If you are acquainted with the latest trends in mobile app development, then Augmented Reality (AR) apps are not new to you. Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing digital apps, influencing a number of fields, from business, education to gaming and the entertainment industry.It is an excellent approach to provide real-world information in an interactive way, allowing virtual components to become a part of the real world experience. These days, the use of “wearables” has increased exceedingly which enables efficient use of AR tools. With the emergence of avant-garde digital technologies Vuforia and Unity 3D, AR is rapidly becoming a sensation. (Information credit: Beyond Digital)


Practical Applications:


  • Education

AR applications can truly become an assent in the education industry. Nowadays, diverse educational apps are developed, integrating relevant texts, images, and videos, along with the curriculum. Incorporating Augmented Reality into lectures will enable you to capture the attention of your audience. On studying augmented models, students can develop a better insight into concepts.  It is an effective way to engage students, reinforcing concepts that are a part of their curriculum.


  • Advertising and Marketing

By merging digital experiences with real-world experiences, AR provides a wonderful platform for brands to interact with their clientele.


AR offers a practical opportunity for marketers to reach out to their target audience.  With the help of augmented reality, your brand can combine the physical world and the digital world, allowing your brand and consumers to connect successfully.  Advertising industries are designing AR apps to flash their digital content across all social media channels.


  • Tourism

With the help of AR, travellers can access relevant information about fascinating tourist spots, historical locations in only a couple of clicks. 


  • Translation
  • Augmented Reality can be utilised to develop unique apps that can translate a text into a myriad languages.
  • Location Based Apps

In the course of time, use of Wi-Fi will not be restricted to malls, food stations, or hospitals alone. These days, Wi-Fi supported apps are offering location based services to users.


Inevitably, location based AR apps are rapidly gaining popularity. Users can get easy access to information about the nearest places pertaining to their present location. You can rely on the information secured from these apps and browse through the reviews of the users to make a suitable choice.


  • Gaming and Entertainment:

With the help of devices like smartphones, high resolution camera, geolocation and, of course, AR technology, incredible things can happen. With the help of technologies like Vuforia and Unity 3d Engine, Augmented Reality (AR) is being utilised to develop ground-breaking 3D Games.


Going forward, AR appears to have a good potential market, but there are few things which could impede its growth. Factors like public awareness, reach, technological limitations, etc. can affect the adoption of Augmented Reality.


To exploit this potentially huge market, consumers, across all digital channels, ought to be informed about the benefits of Augmented Reality digital solutions. A good mobile app developing team can develop tailor-made Augmented Reality solutions which will be highly beneficial to clients across diverse fields.

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