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Health 311 views Jul 14, 2017
4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Health Insurance

Health insurance is developed to offer protection against medical expenses, covering primary healthcare bills and medical emergencies. The expenses of medical treatments can be quite enervating. This is why a good health insurance policy is a practical solution for all your health emergencies, providing medical cover for you and your family. These days, there are diverse health insurance companies in South Africa, offering comprehensive health insurance policies to thousands of homes. Whether you want to buy a new health insurance plan or update your existing policy, here are 5 things you must consider before buying a health plan. (Information credit: GetSavvi)


1. Type of Health Plan

Once you’ve decided to buy a health insurance policy, it’s time to decide who you want to buy the policy for: your family, employees or yourself. There are numerous types of health plans to choose from, ranging from cover forindividuals and families to corporate groups.

  • Individual Health Insurance

An individual health insurance plan covers only an individual person exclusively.

  • Family insurance cover

Family health insurance covers all the members of your family.(Keep in mind that the definition of “family” may change from scheme to scheme.) This type of health policy is highly beneficial for covering medical expenses of families: every member of your family can use the insurance as per their requirements.

  • A Group Health Insurance

This policy is ideal for providing medical coverforyouremployees which can potentially prevent absenteeism, keep the workplace free of infectious diseases and also keep your employees satisfied.       


2. Compare Plans

One of the most important things you need to do before buying a health policy is comparing plans. Some plans may offer basic cover like a hospital plan, whereas others cover more extensive needs like day-to-day cover including emergency cover. After you have shortlisted the policies that can work for you, you need to compare them to determine which one of them would be the most appropriate. 


3. Hospital Network

While you compare your shortlisted policies, you should also figure out the hospital network of the shortlisted insurance providers. Knowing about the hospital network will enable you to form a good idea about the hospitals and doctors your insurance provider covers in your area.


4. Shortlist Policy

Once you have compared your policies, you can shortlist the policy that suits your requirements. Make sure that the relevant details, including date of birth, history of illnesses, health problem, etc.,are disclosed properly to get the right deal.


Buying a convenient health insurance can be a debilitating task. Be informed about the nuances of the health insurance coverto get access to convenient medical benefits at competitive rates.