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Business 239 views Jun 05, 2017
Top 4 Tips to Consider Before Buying a Property in Gauteng

There are actually a number of reasons to live in Gauteng, South Africa. Be it business opportunities or nightlife and entertainment, Gauteng is always one step ahead. This is the reason why many people want to buy property here and want to become a permanent resident of Gauteng. If you are among those who are searching for new property developments in Gauteng to buy, then you should follow some tips to select the right property for you. Below are discussed some of the tips you must follow to purchase the right property in Gauteng (Information Credit:


1. The location is the first priority:

Buying property is an investment that grows in value with time. So before buying a property, research more about the area. You should consider the following things while you are researching.


  • As you will live there, you have to know the surrounding areas properly. Know what type of infrastructure there is and how secure the area is.
  • Make sure that the distance from your work to your home is not too much. In short, you shouldn’t have to spend time commuting each day.
  • It is suggested to buy a property in a good school district, even if you don't have school children. This is because the resale value of a property or apartment in a good school district is quite high.


2. Consider your budget:

It is extremely important to know how much you can afford to spend on a property. Don't look for properties without calculating your budget. Always try to maintain your budget, and for that if your preferred location gets out of your hand, let it. You can take expert advice to make your budget.


3. Don't forget to check the neighbourhood:

Before buying a private property, you should keep one thing in mind. You are not only buying a house, but also buying the local area and the neighbours too. It will be better if you take a walk around the area to visit the locale. Also, observe if your favourite shops are close by or not.


4. Never be in hurry:

Remember, buying a property is not like buying a cell phone or a new video game. So don't rush. One of the most fantastic things about Gauteng is that there are plenty of properties for sale. So unless you urgently need to move there, don't be in a hurry. It will be wise if you hire a property management company in Gauteng, who will help you to take the right step at the right time. Do consult them, but of course, the decision is yours. Discuss with your family before you make a final decision.


If you keep the tips discussed above in mind, and follow them before making a decision of buying a property, you will be able to get the right property for you.