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Business 202 views May 25, 2017
How Debt Counselling Can Turn Your Life Around for Good

Falling into debt can be a nightmare for most people. It is not at all a desirable financial situation by any stretch of the imagination. People can fall into a debt trap for a number of reasons.  Some due to ignorance, wrong decisions or ignoring financial problems, while others can be caused by unexpected emergencies like a major illness or huge medical bills. Dealing with the pressures of debt is not an easy task, and some people may succumb to such pressures and take hasty decisions that can land them into more trouble. (Source:


This brings us to debt counselling. When people feel powerless to do anything, debt counselling can help them to get their lives back on track. Debt counselling is generally a part and parcel of debt management services. The whole purpose of debt management is to address the underlying causes of the individual’s debts. They also help them with any personal issues faced because of the debt. The debt counsellor will look into your past credit history, and help in preventing the same mistakes from being made again.

The benefits of debt counselling are manifold. The most important ones are discussed below.


  • It helps in faster payoffs

An efficient debt counselling service can guide you on how to pay off your loan faster. Multiple bills and rising interest rates make it a very difficult task to tackle on your own. By allowing yourself the opportunity to get counselling, the debt counsellor can carefully examine the current financial situation you’re facing. In many cases, a consolidation loan can be used as a means to reduce interest rates on existing loans and pay them off faster.


  • It improves your credit score

This is a direct result of debt counselling. As your counsellor guides you to make changes in your lifestyle and financial planning, you will make a better effort towards paying off existing debts. If all the payments are made on time, then your credit score will start to increase. A good credit score is of paramount importance for the approval of any loans applied for in the future. It can also help you to get lower interest rates, lower insurance premiums and in some cases, qualifying for a better job.


  • It helps you to plan your budget properly

Debts are primarily a direct result of poor financial planning and an improper budget. A debt counsellor can help you to frame a formal budget. Framing a proper budget can help you to regain control of your finances. They also offer other advice on, a change of lifestyle, financial behaviour, educational expenses, tax returns and even insurance schemes.


  • Provides legal protection from creditors

Onslaughts of creditors or credit providing companies may be knocking at the debtor’s doors and creating unfavourable situations for the individual concerned. Sometimes the creditors might even take legal action. By enrolling into a debt counselling programme, you can legally protect yourself from such parties.


Debt counselling is thus the perfect way to seek financial solace during distressful times. Seeking debt counselling may seem like a daunting and uphill task but it will save you money and stress in the long run.