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Business 244 views May 24, 2017
Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Just imagine you have hired a moving company, signed a contract with them and set up a date for pickup and delivery. After a few weeks, you are waiting in front of your new home and all of your things are locked up in a truck. The mover is not allowing you to unload your goods until you pay them the extra charges that they have added to your bill. In such a situation, you can do nothing except comply with their demands. Because of this, hiring a moving company for shifting goods from a home/office to the new one is sometimes overwhelming.


In case you are planning for an interstate house shifting in Gauteng, you must be concerned about a few things including the cost of moving, safety of your goods and other issues. It is definitely not advisable to trust a randomly selected mover with all your household goods, home appliances and furniture. Before hiring the company, you should ask a few questions to the movers and packers. By considering the questions you will be able to find the most reliable one. Just a few of them are discussed below (Information Credit - Fourways Movers).


1. Do you hold a license for your company and do you have all the legal documents?

It is highly important to know if all the documents of the moving company you consider choosing are legitimate. So the first question that you should ask your potential moving company is whether their documents are legitimate or not. There are a large number of shady moving companies out there that you should not even consider. Only an established company will be able to show you all their credentials like license, testimonials and references in order to distinguish themselves from their peers. These documents include service tax details, trade license and their personal identity proofs.


2. How long have you been in this business?

The longer their years of experience, the higher the quality of service they would provide. An experienced and well-established movers and packers will happily provide you all the details you want. But a newly established company will hesitate to do so. It does not mean that you should avoid the new companies. You just have to carefully judge how honest they are.


3. Can you give me a few references from your past clients?

This is the final question you should ask of your movers and packers when you have almost decided to hire a company. This final question will decide how reliable and truthful they were with their past clients. A good and reputed company will not hesitate to give you all the details of their past clients. It would be better if you contact them and get their feedback. You can also search online and find out the reviews pertaining to the company. If you find most of the reviews to be positive, you can choose the company for your shifting.


If you get positive and satisfactory answers of all the above questions, you can rest assured that this is the perfect moving company that can help you in shifting homes.

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