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Business 247 views May 24, 2017
Wooden and Steel RFP sectional Doors: A comparative analysis

Choosing the right type of garage door may be a tricky task, but is absolutely imperative for good garage design. There are a lot of factors to consider while selecting the right material for your garage door. The weather, temperature and climatic conditions play a major role but so does the look and feel. The most popular types of garage doors are Wooden RFP Sectional doors and Steel RFP sectional doors. Both of them are made up of different materials, each having their own unique characteristics and advantages. Selection of the type of door depends mainly on the homeowner. (Information courtesy:


Some of the key differences are listed below.


Steel RFP sectional Doors

Steel RFP doors are comparatively more expensive but give you good value for money. They are generally chosen for domestic installations, because of their accessibility.  They are a lot lighter than wood as well, and are available in a variety of shades and finishes.


  • Resistance to wind: Steel doors are designed to be stronger; hence they can withstand strong winds and hurricanes.
  • Durability and Strength: Steel is a durable material. Since such garage doors are made of steel, they are susceptible to dents. But it is fairly stronger when it comes to resisting impact.
  • Insulation: Steel doors are insulated with polyurethane foam which significantly increases the energy efficiency of the house.
  • Electric insulation: Steel doors are a strong conductor of electricity, and can be dangerous in areas experiencing regular rain or snowfall.
  •  Affordability: It is comparatively affordable.


Wooden RFP sectional doors

Wooden RFP sectional doors are the traditional choice for garage doors. They provide the aesthetic quality and appeal that steel doors do not offer. They can be carved and sculpted with designs and inscriptions which make them a more stylish option. Wooden doors are a great way for a homeowner to add value to their house.


  • Resistance to wind: Comparatively less resistant to strong winds, as compared with steel. However, some specialized wooden garage doors are built in such a way that they can withstand 90km/hr winds.
  • Durability and strength: Durability depends on the kind of wood used. There are different types of wood species that can be used in a garage door, some hardwood garage doors being strong and extremely durable.
  • Insulation: Insulation depends on the door style and the insulation R value of the wood.
  • Electric insulation: Wood is not a good conductor of electricity and holds up well in case of a short circuit situation.
  • Affordability: As there are several types of wood that can be used for such garage doors, the prices vary greatly. Some custom made wood doors can be significantly more expensive.


Both wooden and steel sectional RFP doors are a great option as each of them provides their own set of advantages. Steel is more popular as it an affordable option and installing it is easier. Wooden doors are used for custom built expensive houses to increase the overall appeal of the property.

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