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Business 228 views May 23, 2017
Advantages of using Badge Magnets over normal Badges

Badge Magnets are used as an alternative to traditional badges. They have many uses, primarily in the form of name tags or decorative magnets like fridge magnets. As opposed to a normal badge, the badge magnet combines both the functionality of magnets and the simplicity of badges to have the desired effect.


Perhaps the most widely used variant of badge magnets can be found in modern name tags. Name tags are a prerequisite for any organization in the service or hospitality industries. Magnetic name badges are emerging as a more modern option compared to pinned-on badges. Having a name tag for a company’s employee helps identify them and also offer the consumer a feeling of assistance. (Source: BadgeMags)


Badge magnets are used for many reasons. It’s easy to use and durable in nature. Some of the benefits are discussed below.


  • It does not result in damaged clothing

Badge magnets are easier to use than traditional badges. Traditional badges use pins to attach to clothing or uniform or any fabric based surface. However, prolonged use can lead to multiple tiny holes which may become bigger with use. Badge magnets use two magnets that are used to attach to clothing by pressing it between the magnets.


  • Made of durable material

Most badge magnets are made of aluminium, stainless steel or brass. The magnets provided are of top quality, strong and will last for years to come. Thus, it is comparatively stronger as compared to other types of badges.


  • Easy attachment and removal

The badge magnets are designed in such a way as to allow ease of use. Traditional badges use pins to attach and make it difficult for people to remove them without damaging the clothing or fabric.  By using magnets, these badges become easy to attach and remove without any damage to clothing.


  • Used on different material

One of the chief advantages of magnetic badges is that they can be used on a variety of surface types. Traditional pin badges can only attach to fabrics such as silk. This poses a problem when the badge is required to be attached to harder material. Magnetic badges on the other hand can be clamped on to a wider selection of materials. Not only can they be attached to fabric, but also, can be clamped on to harder surfaces such as that of a refrigerator.


  • Protection against rust

They are considerably safer than badges using pins. The majority of pin badges are susceptible to rust. This can lead to the badges not functioning properly and they tend to fall off. Badge magnets are made with this purpose in mind. They are coated with materials that can withstand corrosion and rust.


Badge magnets might be slightly more expensive than regular badges, but are worth the little bit of extra investment. They can be used as laminated ID badges, or other types of name badge holders.