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Business 275 views May 22, 2017
Shelving and Hanging Bracket systems

Shelving and Hanging Bracket systems: Perfect for your retail store


A bracketing system refers to a structural support system which can be made of wood, metal or any other material which can support a considerable amount of load. Usually it projects from a wall, and it is necessary to mount shelves and increase storage space.


Bracket systems are used mainly by warehouses and shops. They are popular with retail shops - especially those that display and store huge volumes of stock every day. The most popular amongst these bracket systems are shelving brackets and hanging brackets. (Information Credit -


Shelving Brackets

Shelving brackets are ordinarily used for mounting shelves on to a vertical surface. Shelving brackets can look fragile but are, in fact, designed to withstand heavy loads. They can be fixed either by nails or by a strong adhesive. There are advantages to choosing shelving brackets over other shelf mounting techniques. They are as follows.


  • It utilises vertical space efficiently. It can be used to mount shelves of different types which are used by retailers and homeowners alike.
  • The height can be adjusted according to the user’s preference and the purpose of the shelves installed.
  • It’s safer and less complex to install shelves using shelving brackets. Shelving brackets are designed to be easy fitting, sturdy and can provide support for any type of load. The bracket mechanism ensures that the shelves are fitted properly, reducing the risk of any accidents.


Hanging Brackets

Hanging brackets are used to hang banners, signs, baskets and anything on the lighter side that needs to be hung. These types of brackets generally are not design to sustain heavy loads, as they are fixed from the ceiling or other higher up points. The working principle of these brackets is almost the opposite of shelving brackets, with the components being hung rather than mounted using the brackets.


Hanging bracket systems are used mainly by businesses or retailers to display signs and banners, often informing people about offers and deals. As it is fixed high up, it has more attention grabbing properties. Businesses consider using hanging brackets for the announcements of different festivals, events, locations and even discounts. Some other advantages are:


  • It utilises horizontal or ceiling space which might otherwise be unutilised
  • It’s a popular choice to add decorative elements to your ceiling.
  • Often used by commercial stores and retailers to showcase signs and banners, some bracket systems have decorative artwork which can immediately draw the attention of a passerby.


Both bracket systems are advantageous for personal or commercial use. They come in a range of materials, shapes, sizes and features and thus can be used for several purposes. It is to be noted that the quality of the bracket systems should be inspected before purchasing in order to avoid any chances of wear and tear in the future.