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Business 246 views Feb 21, 2017
Different Types of Cabinets and Cabinet Doors

In terms of choosing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, you need to be very careful. Cabinets are the fundamentals which can revamp your kitchen. Wood mode cabinets are really durable and they can be custom-made for high end kitchens.


1. Different types of cabinets:


  • Base cabinets:

Standard base cabinets are generally 36 inches tall and 24 inches deep, though the depth of the base cabinets may be increased up to 27 inches if you want to customize it. In order to make the cabinet user-friendly, you can place the cabinetry on the top of a four inch recessed riser, known as a toe kick.

  • Tall Cabinets:

These types of cabinets are 83.5 inches tall and they are basically used for broom storage and pantry space.

  • Wall cabinets:

Wall cabinets or upper cabinets are basically 12 inches deep, but in terms of custom applications, the depth of the cabinets can be increased up to 17 inches.


If you want to revamp your kitchen, you can take help from an expert designer. According to an expert of Cabinets and Designs, “your vision of remodeling your kitchen can come true only when it meets an expert designer.”


2. Kitchen cabinet frames:

In terms of kitchen cabinet frames, there are basically two types of frames. One is the face framed and the other is frameless or box. Earlier, most cabinets were designed with the face framed, but in the modern age, the designers suggest the frameless one. Both the face framed and frameless cabinets come in unlimited varieties of styles and designs, and both styles are available in customized applications.


3. Cabinet door styles:

Before buying cabinet doors, you should keep some points in mind, as there is a great chance of messing during picking cabinet doors. Cabinet doors are highly important factors in kitchen’s make over. They should be picked up wisely, since they are the most visible design elements in a kitchen. Each home design requires different cabinet door styles. Though they are expensive, they are one of those that take responsibility to make over your kitchen completely.


There are different types of door styles available in the market, like-


  • Inset Style
  • Overlay Style
  • Shaker style
  • Louvered style
  • Flat style
  • Distressed style
  • Beadboard style
  • Thermofoil style
  • Custom style


All the styles are unique at their own way. If you want a simple décor, shaker style cabinet doors would be just about perfect for you. Louvered door styles are little expensive, but a fantastic way tokeep your cabinets ventilated. If you want a decorative laminated or wood door for your cabinet, flat styles should be perfect for you. One of the most expensive cabinet door styles is inset style that gives a classic look to your kitchen. Do you dream ofan antique kitchen? Then the distressed style cabinet doors are the most suitable ones for you. They are also an expensive door style. Do you love cottage style? Then nothing can make you happier than beadboard style. Thermofoil doors are durable and cost effective. They are only available in solid colors and imitation wood grain. Don’t you like any style that is available in the market? This is not a problem, since you have the opportunity to complement your own design.


There are many companies in Houston that offer you designer cabinets and cabinet doors, and also give you the chance to customize them according to your own idea under their expert guidance. It is better to find a leading designer shop that can fulfill your wish to transform your kitchen.