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Health 291 views Jan 24, 2017
Be Retainer- Ready: Finally Get that Billion-Dollar Smile

While people mostly associate getting braces with pre-teenagers, the number of adults wearing braces is a growing trend. This being the case, the market has started throwing up plenty of options like ceramic braces, invisalign (a nearly invisible set of braces) and other subtle, less visible retainers.


As people age, the alignment of their teeth can shift. This can be due to tongue thrust, injury, or natural growth. This is why some adults find that their previous straight alignment of teeth have now become crooked, or overcrowded. This may cause them difficulties in brushing and flossing, a smile that is no longer so flattering, or worse, they might even experience jaw pain. Other people get braces as adults because they have always had crooked teeth, but as children, their parents could not afford to get them a set, or did not find it a necessity. It could also be that they are coming round to fix the alignment of their teeth due to a new found image consciousness, while they were averse to wearing braces in middle school. On the whole, these adults see it as profitable to invest a few awkward years in exchange for a gleaming set of straight pearly whites for the rest of their lives.


Sometimes, even those adults who wore retainers during their growing up years, have to do so again, if the teeth shift into their natural growth positions again. Teeth sometimes shift as the individual grows. This usually happens if as a child, they neglected in keeping the braces on for the entire period that was recommended by the dentist. However, this can happen to anyone otherwise as well, if the jaw grows in a way that returns the teeth to their original growth positions.


Contemporary orthodontists advise braces to be worn for longer periods than were recommended in the previous decades. This is because the prolonged use of braces to prevent tooth movement is a relatively recent realisation. They often prescribe them to be kept on permanently, in some cases. This is a possible reason as to why those who were most dental health compliant as children might still need to wear retainers as adults.


If you’re an adult and have to start wearing braces, here are some helpful tips:

a)    Carry a kit containing toothbrush, toothpaste, wax and lip balm on your person at all times.


b)    If you have hooks on your retainers, then do keep the rubber bands on all the time. This keeps the hooks from getting into or digging into your cheeks and also ensures that the treatment moves smoothly.


c)    Wires and brackets break sometimes. Don’t panic if it should happen. Don’t try to bend the wire or pull it out. Cover up the sharp edges with wet cotton or wax, and then see your dentist as soon as you can.


d)    Be sure not to suppress your smiles even if those retainers make you feel uncomfortably self-conscious.  Your awkwardness will come through if you do. The top trick to draw attention away from your mouth is to not try to hide it too much. People are getting used to seeing more people wearing braces and don’t even think twice about it anymore.


I hope this little pep talk here will prepare and motivate you to get your braces while you still can get your teeth in perfect order.


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