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Business 269 views Oct 03, 2016
A Well-known Polish Legal Firm

This company is based in Lodz and Warsaw, is a Polish company which provides a plethora of law services in Poland. It needs to be noted that the firm provides legal advisory services to chiefly foreign corporate clients regarding doing business in Poland. Among the list of areas covered are: laws relevant to formation of companies, real estate law, labour law, corporate services, intangible rights, debt collection, collective redundancies, internet law, offshoring, depreciation of buildings and structures, and tax strategies. The teams include attorneys, legal counsels, tax advisors, accountants and immigration specialists.


Among the biggest plus points of the firm is the indisputable fact that it employs officials who speak five languages, namely: German, Spanish, Italian, English and Polish. They are well-known for being specially trained in instructing and advising clients regarding the highly complex and ambiguous aspects of Polish law; in both of the civil and tax departments. Although to completely cover all the functions performed by the firm, all five of its main departments really need to be covered.


The five departments of CGO are:

Tax Department: Run by famous legal counsel Michal Gawlak, this department helps foreign companies to familiarize themselves with the bends, twists and pitfalls of complex Polish law. As pointed out, this department handles both civil and tax-related law.

Corporate Department: This department caters to budding entrepreneurs, both domestic and foreign. Run and overseen by attorney-at-laws Piotr Owczarek and Jacub Chajdas, this helps out entrepreneurs. It assist in designing the structure of the company and corporate machinery, the laws and bylaws governing the running of a company, and the existing compliance guidelines in the concerned area of business.


Department of Immigration: As the name suggests, this department takes care of all the legal questions relating to all the things which comes under the domain of ‘immigration’—which includes residence, employment and citizenship. This department is headed by Emil Grzelak.


Department of Property: This department of the firm deals with legal issues that arise out of buying and using commercial real estate in Poland. Zoning, planning and registering lands with the relevant authority are some of the services featured in lieu of assistance and/or advice. Attorney-at-law (and firm partner) Jakub Chajdas heads this department.


Litigation Department: Michal Gawlak is at the helm here. Everything related to litigation (which includes filing of lawsuits and representation before tribunals) is handled by this department.


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