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How to Use Dried Flowers to Create lively work of art

Flowers ignite our creativity like no other object in this word. From poets to common men, flowers are praised by everyone.  Fresh flowers have been used for decoration since ancient times as they up lift the mood at any time. But flowers bloom for a limited time; hobbyists and artists prefer to dry out the flowers so that they can be used for a longer period of time (Information Credit -


How are flowers dried?

There are many ways to dry the flowers so they are well preserved. Mostly people put flowers inside a heavy book and leave it undisturbed for few days. This is known as the ‘press’ method. If you choose to dry the flowers using the press method, then you should make sure that you line the page with parchment or wax paper. This protects the pages of the book from getting destroyed from the moisture that come off the flowers. Flowers can also be left in the vase till they dry.


 Another method is to hang them upside down in a well-ventilated place away from sunlight. Flowers can be dried in microwave or using silica gel. No matter which method you choose, you have to wait for the results except for microwave method. But microwave method is fussy as you have to use cat litter to cover the flowers. Ordering dried flowers in bulk quantity is an easy way to get dried flowers for professional or other creative requirements. Companies that supply dried flowers use the right method to preserve the flowers. 


Uses of dried flowers

Dried flowers have many uses. Dried flowers are used in cooking. They add distinctive flavour to teas. Preserved beauty of nature, dried flowers are used to make potpourris that can be used as decoration or as natural air fresheners. Dried flower sachets are full of fragrance, and placing them in drawers and closets act as insect repellent. They are used as natural dyes.


Dried flower can has many creative uses. From decorating a room for celebration to create beautiful creative works of art, dried flowers add beauty to whatever they touch. In the creation of candles, papers, scrapbook and many more, hobbyists prefer to use dried flowers to create unique pieces.


3 ways to use striking beauty of dried flowers to personalise items

If you want to gift something special to your loved one or create beautiful items for personal use, all you need is a bunch of dried flowers.


Magical jewellery

Beautiful pendant and bracelets can be made using dried flowers.  Dried flowers can be woven into headbands, crowns and bracelets. They look beautiful and go well with a dress to achieve a feminine or bohemian look.  It can be a good idea for your theme outdoor party or brunch. They are easy to make. One idea could be to use small hollow glass globes or tiny DIY jars and bottles to make pendants and charms. Just fill these tiny transparent containers with beautiful dried flowers and plant parts. Adding some glitter can add a fairy touch to your charm or pendant. Seal it and it could be used as a pendant or bracelet charm.  They look magical.


Nail art

Dried flowers can be used to create attractive nail art which not only enhances your beauty but which is also unique. You will get many compliments for your nail art. There are many ways to use dried flowers to decorate your nail. One simple way could be to use white nail paint as base. Now arrange the dried flowers in desired pattern with tweezers. Seal it with clear coat and let it dry. Once it is dry you can flaunt it in front of your friends. Make sure you use good quality dried flowers or else you won’t get the good effect.


Cards, letters and scrapbook

Dried flowers are used to make decorative handmade paper. Beautiful handmade paper with dried flowers petals appearing unevenly on its surface, are best medium to express your feelings.  Dried flowers are used to decorate scrapbook. Scrapbook decorated with dried flowers both looks and smells beautiful. If you want to add a unique touch to your scrapbook use the magic of dried flowers. One of the most personalised gifts is cards. If you are making a card for your loved ones then decorate them with dried flowers.

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