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Technology 369 views Jul 11, 2016
Reasons to Use In-house File Transfer Services

The internet have connected continents and made it possible for the world to function around the clock, but still, it can be a painful experience to send large files by email. A few years ago, it was quite difficult to find a place that would let you share large files that may be 1 gigabyte. Things change. Now, in this age of digitisation, the cost of web storage has become less. This is good news for people who want to share large files that tops out at over a gig. Now you can find a number of both paid and free services that make it easy to host these large files and send them to your friend, business associate or family member.


You can also run your own file transfer service in-house. There are a number of advantages of hosting your file transfer service in-house. With the help of this, you can transfer files easily, be it small or large. Here are some advantages of in-house file transfer service discussed below:


Removes worry

Your files and information live on someone else’s computer, in third-party systems. And, you don’t have any control over what happens to your files or what they do with their computers. Of course, everything is outlined clearly in their Terms of Service, but you can’t completely rely on them. You may worry thinking if your data is safe or not. The solution to this is to keep your data on your network and you can stay worry-free about what’s happening to your files.  


Faster service

When you have file transfer service software running in-house, it becomes much easier for you and your staff to transfer files easily. With this type of service, everything will remain in-house. For example, if you are downloading files that a client has sent you or if you are sending a file to a client, those files will already be in your network.  Slow internet connection will not hamper your work or you don’t have to wait for the internet to be fast in order to access your files.


Share gigantic files

You can find a number of file transfer services that have great speed. Also, you can send large files free of cost. In addition to it, there are numerous companies that may even offer free file transfer services without any downloading or sending limitations of files.

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