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Health 471 views Mar 07, 2016
How to Become a Vet

Working as a veterinarian is the career of choice for a lot of animal lovers. Not only is it a lucrative career profession that is a lot less academically demanding as compared to human medicinal courses, but it’s also extremely emotionally fulfilling as a profession. So, what does it take to become a vet? Below are some useful tips on adapting veterinary medicine as a profession: 


Gain experience in the veterinary field: The keyword for a flourishing career in the veterinary field is “experience”. That’s something that matters more than even degrees or education. Gather as much experience as it is possible with animals in your locality, your school compound or the community pet centre. And if you’re an animal lover, then it’d be an added advantage since you’d gain some first-hand exposure with regards to animals and their health matters.


Graduate from high school. You should graduate from school with a specialisation in a science subject, such as biology, physics or chemistry, not to forget maths. If you’re good at science and especially Biology, then you’d have a hunch that medicine is the correct field of choice for you, much in the same manner as the general medical stream for becoming a doctor for humans.


Get a bachelors degree. Attend a college which offers the course which is required to get into a medical or vet college. Or, you can straightaway get into a vet school from high school. If one particular school has a different set of prerequisites from the others, then you should make sure that you have taken all the required courses before enrolling into a veterinary college.


Consider an accelerated path to veterinary school. In case you don’t like to go through the hassles of additional courses before veterinary college, then it’s better to earn a degree or working experience as a veterinary’s associate or deputy, which is somewhat like an apprentice. Once you complete the internship, you’ll be issued a certificate which would enable you to set up your own practise. There are fortunately more than one way to get into vet school.


Work hard on your application to veterinary school. Getting into a veterinary school is very hard. There are far fewer veterinary schools than medical schools. So, you need to make your application stand out! Making your application stand out is not hard! First, you will need to get lots of veterinary experience and animal experience.


Prepare for the financial strain of veterinary school. Like colleges relating to most other disciplines, getting into a Vet College is extremely expensive. But worry not, since that part could be taken care of by the numerous scholarship programmes and student loan provisions existing in the nation of South Africa. Additionally, take up a few part-time jobs if need arises.


Complete veterinary school. It is usually a couple of years before one can earn the coveted DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to widen the acronym). Penn Foster College and Plat College are two of the most accredited and famous vet colleges in Johannesburg, and they allow students to graduate from the college in duration of just over three years, or even lower. The courses which are covered in these colleges range from general anatomy and biochemistry to pharmacology and animal surgery.