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Personal Development 493 views Feb 17, 2016
Depression and Life Coaching

Modern life is full of stresses of every kind imaginable. There’s the stress of office, of home, spouse, kids, co-workers, bosses...the list goes on. This has sprung into existence various mental, physical and psycho-somatic ailments, such as panic attacks, insomnia, acid reflux etc. Hence, there has been a spurt in the business of psychiatrists and counsellors who offer their services to soothe the frayed nerves. Alongside medical professionals, there exist people such as Life Coaches; people who can dispense tips and advice related to upping the quality of your life and helping to manage your problems effectively. One of the major mental ailments that are a bane for the modern population is depression. Widely known as the silent killer, it could be fatal unless attended to in time. Life coaches, while not trained medical professionals, do provide a lot of help when it comes to milder or medium forms of depression.So what exactly are the symptoms of depression which an offline or online life coaching service would help one get rid of? Let’s see.

Helping One to Get Past Overgeneralisation: A life coach helps the afflicted person to get rid of the negative patterns, that have formed in their minds. Negative thought generalisation is something that someone who is depressed will adopt. Negative thinking patterns have the potential of forever keeping the person stuck in a rut of negativity and negative energy.E.g., a person who receives bad treatment from one person for no apparent reason will expect everyone else to treat them as badly. It is important to break this pattern, and that’s what life coaches help with.

Filtering Out the ‘Right’: This is yet another major thing that enables the negativity to trap your soul. It makes the depressed person focus on what went ‘wrong’ for him/her, but conveniently overlooks what went ‘right’. This is yet another thought cycle that a life coach can train you to break.

Emotional Reasoning: Emotional reasoning is the bane that helps to strengthen the two aforementioned and afore-described trains or lines of thought. Suppose one goes out to a park, accidentally hits a stone and falls down. At that very moment, they see a group of people next to them burst out loud, laughing. This leads the person to conclude that it was their clumsiness which had lead to the people laughing, whereas it might not have been so. Following one incident, the person would keep on applying the same logic everywhere which would make it seem that everyone around him/her is laughing or deriding him/her.

Not Enjoying Things That One Previously Used To: A characteristic feature of depression that it prevents people from enjoying what they previously used to. In fact, they are not only trapped in a cesspool of negativity, but all attempts at snatching bits of positivity fail miserably. They feel helpless and lost.

The four symptoms described above are the four cardinal features of depression. A Life Coach with the requisite training can help by prescribing methods and advocating practises by which a person could overcome the stat of depression and muster strength to climb up from the pits of hell.