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Entertainment 507 views Jul 10, 2018
What's the Finest Hoverboards Hovershoes in 2018?

Whether you’re seeking to benefit from the freedom or start a brand new interest, smart self balancing Hovershoes one wheel electric scooter with LED Lights, 250W Dual Motor Self Balancing Scooter For Kids and Adults which are an ideal choice. If you’re the type that’s going to need to hold your hoverboard around with you and use it in specific circumstances, you could also be perfectly proud of Lightweight and permissible carrying by plane.

It is different from other self balancing hover boardKoowheel electric self balancing hovershoes is simpler and more funny! Also very easy to use, easy to control and incredibly fun, can even ride freely in 5 minutes without any experience before.

Play tricks with hoveshoes

This self balancing scooter only weights 3.3kg/each. Without remote control, playing by keeping balance,you can make it to extreme playability without the board’s restrictions. So you can release yourself, set any free posture what you want, like STANDING UPRIGHT, SKATING And DANCING! So there are more tricks can be played.

Why choose New KOOWHEEL High Tech?

We tested free from any potential fire hazards and has passed UL2272 testing requirements based on the national standards for electrical safety.

Koowheel strive to provide the best products and most pleasant service to all our customers.

Founded in 2009, KOOWHEEL is one of the biggest manufacturer and seller of hovershoes/ hover-board/ E-skateboard/ E-scooter that provide the new generation of short-distance traveling tools that we all love today. All our products are offered at a better raw materils, best QC and better management, competitive price where people of all ages can enjoy.

You are looking for the trend, KOOWHEEL hovershoes are for you to creat the future trend.

Smart self balancing Hovershoes one wheel electric scooter with LED Lights