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Sports 525 views Aug 03, 2016
The balance scooter’s development in China

The balancing scooter was born in the early part of this century, the first smart scooter brand for the Segway, it was born the first is cause to Dean. Carmen Deka and the large medical equipment maker Johnson & Johnson subsidiary of independent technology, cooperation in the development of an automatic balancing type power wheelchair. Today, they are the main production of electric balance car manufacturers, but also the largest u.s..

Although the electric self balancing scooter production, design, which has the longest history, brand influence is relatively larger, but due to the influence of a variety of reasons, Segway electric balance scooter in China is not smooth, 2008 Olympic Games on a balance car at about 8 million yuan, now the self balancing scooter price also at around 4 million yuan, this price let most consumers prohibitive. Therefore, the production of products to meet the needs of the Chinese market, is an important choice for balance car production enterprises to make a breakthrough.

Appear on the market of China smart balance scooter of different brands, in addition to the high prices of foreign brands, domestic enterprises have also entered the market. Today, China's electric scooter brands include Koowheel, ninebot etc., the various brands of cars have characteristics, occupy the major share of the Chinese market.

Compared to foreign brands has the advantages in technology and design, domestic brands from the design and production, emphasize on the adaptation to the domestic market, without prejudice to the vehicle performance and safety, and reduced costs, the Chinese consumers can afford. At the same time, the difference between the different brands, so as to form a subtle competition.

Current feedback from the market point of view, China's smart scooter brand reputation is good, two rounds, such as music, in the new century, ninebot, passenger ride, Koowheel, single wheel such as cable Lowe, airwheel leggewie such a balance car brand is widespread acclaim, although each smart scooter brand design style is different, but does not influence consumer acceptance of brands in China.

In the role of the market mechanism, a good product will continue to grow, with more excellent quality to win the favor of China and the world balance car enthusiasts. I believe in China outstanding efforts of enterprises, Chinese will have a brilliant future in the balance of the car market. This information comes from