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Sports 534 views May 03, 2016
Thinking about the future of the hoverboard industry on a new e

Since the US CPSC news came out, saw many self balancing scooter manufacturer, the company crying, there are many people with me to discuss the future balance car, I think the boss you do not need to panic, look longer term, your biggest customers are now still child.
From the perspective of higher dimensions --- Consideration of new means of transport energy the electric self balancing scooter industry:
New energy means of transport, the general trend.
Spring of this year and from the author, the biggest feeling, that is more cars! This phenomenon is not only the reaction speed of a round trip in the spring, so from home to Guangzhou it has over 400 km distance, because of traffic jams, it spend more than 15 hours to reach! However, in four-line small city, there have been traffic jams. Every big festival, daytime street crowded with private cars at night roadside parking in a private car back to the field.
Survey data show that, as of June 2015, it has 163 million car ownership in China. That means an average of almost 10 people have a car, and the number is growing. So, by the explosive growth of private cars brought congestion, pollution problems will increase.
You can see a normal phenomenon. There are also a lot people who living in the first-tier city including myself have encountered scenes, sometime you go to a few kilometers away from the work place, drive car, too blocked, but also you need to find a place to park; bus bars must to be wait, and also blocking, may not necessarily direct; subway, possibly less than that place; fight it, traffic jams, the cost is high; cycling, strenuous; more people do not want to walk.
Thus, the human exploration of these scenarios for solutions has never stopped, especially in the increasingly appear on electrically powered in our lives, such as electric scooters, two wheel electric scooter, electric wheelbarrow, electric bicycles and so on. Plus enhance people's awareness of environmental protection, national governments, driven by consumer groups for the younger generation to pursue personalized products, demand for these products will increase.
I have found that many people, including the author himself, short trips or commuting, will choose an self balancing electric unicycle or electric bike to travel. Car owners are ready to put in the boot inside a wheelbarrow or scooters for a rainy day, or even see a lot of leisure parks, scenic areas, some people use millet balanced car, wheelbarrow travel. Visible in the next five to ten years, there will be at least one or more of the new means of transport energy into public life, ranging between cars and bicycles, to meet the needs of short-distance travel.This information please visit