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Sports 636 views Apr 24, 2016
KOOWHEEL hoverboard was recognized by foreign merchant of globa

On April 15th to 19th, the 119th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou, the international high-end hoverboard scooter brandKoowheel exhibited a variety of self balancing electric scooter products. Koowheel was generally recognized in European and American markets by its industry-leading technical standards, process design excellent and ,gathered exhibitors from around the world so that many foreign merchant come to experience and purchase.

On the first day, From the product design to product structure and function, Koowheel self balancing scooter debut attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen’s attention.

KOOWHEEL bluetooth self balancing scooter K3 and bluetooth 2 wheel scooter D1, both were gained great concern , while their meticulous design details, also on-site experience won the unanimous endorsement of the user. In Koowheel’s opinion, all starting from the user, without neglecting every design detail, grab what the user need, let products to bring users their attention and care from the brand itself.

For this exhibition, not only helps Koowheel further enhance the brand influence, but also promote the Asia customer cooperation relationship under international distribution and the regional exhibition market segments.

According to the information, Koowheel smart scooter brand were little expensive than other scooters , but the sales have never gone down,always rank the top in American and European market. It is reported that the America Consumer Federation rated many self balancing scooter supplier on the market, the reported show that Koowheel two wheeled scooter was rated as consumers"the best choice".

Behind the impressive performance over years, Koowheel’s original science and technology and the ingenuity insisted: from craftsmen devote themselves to study, research and development of a number of science and technology, industry breakthrough technical problems; technological aspects, each product to achieve the perfect design, called the symbol of high-end manufacturing.

Through the Fair, Koowheel electric scooter is expected to walk into more overseas high-end consumers, by drawing the world's first gene technology and process quality excellence, constantly solve consumer pain points, to maximize the interests of users, create best artistic life experience for global sport activists.