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Entertainment 875 views Feb 02, 2016
How to identify the quality electric banlance charger ?

With the development of modern science and technology, recent years , a tool for riding instead of walk was very popular by the people, that wasSelf balance scooter. Because it can be able to bring happiness and convenience to human life, but there are several explosion events of it in USA and UK recently. However, there are several explosion events of it in USA and UK recently.

“Koowheel” is a famous brand ofbalance scooterChina. As the biggest supplier of best quality and output in China, now we offer you some tips when you buyelectric scooter. Firstly, charger is one of important element, but how to identify the quality charger? There are some main point you should be considered.



  1. Look at the appearance ,charger manufacturer of Koowheel, it was the private mode(That was his own mold ). Others are generally public mold (namely, anyone can use ).
  2. The main power supply IC, charger manufacturer of Koowheel use imported Taiwan original chips , the other is ordinary chips, Compared to ordinary domestic chip will be worse in all aspects), the other is usually made chips.
  3. AC seat , charger manufacturer of Koowheel all passed the CCC, UL, VDE , etc., other non- safety regulations, non-standard products.
  4. Electrolytic capacitors, charger manufacturer of Koowheel adopt original imported , long lasting(can use 8000h), while the domestic, you can only use up to 3000h.Besides, electrolytic capacitors is smaller than ours.

To get more information, please visit “Koowheel “ official