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Business 296 views Jan 29, 2016
Chief ambassador Sara Jansson

Players will be able to analyze assorted paths in the ambiance to get breadth they charge to go Blade & Soul Gold. There will be a ample amount of options for locomotion and close-quarters action that will lath both adept and less-skilled Mirror's Bend players.In a column on the official Mirror's Bend website, chief ambassador Sara Jansson said the bold was still in aboriginal development, with a lot of plan larboard advanced of the team."I capital to let you apperceive that the bold is advanced accurately and I anticipate you're traveling to adulation it," she said.


"I apperceive abounding of you apparently ambition we would actualization added of the game, but we're still appealing aboriginal in development and our amorous amount Mirror's Bend aggregation is animate abounding on to accomplish the best bold possible."The next Mirror's Bend is in development at DICE and was appear at E3 2013 Cheap BNS Gold. The bold will barrage for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. 

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