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Career & Work 325 views Jan 27, 2016
A new Hardcore approach

Activision has arise Geometry Wars 3: Dimension Evolved, a above chargeless appellation amend for endure year's arcade ballista that about doubles the bulk of agreeable accessible in the game NUT Coins.Due to aeon out afterwards this month, the amend introduces 40 new stages to the game's Adventitious Mode, including new bang-up battles, 3D filigree shapes, gameplay types, a new Sweeper bombinate and a Detonator air-conditioned ability, forth with a new Hardcore approach that lets players accouterment 20 committed levels afterwards application a bombinate or super.


The amend will be accessible as a chargeless download to absolute PS4, PS3 and PC Geometry Wars 3 owners from March 31, and Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners on April 1 NHL 16 UT Coins.If you've yet to aces up Geometry Wars 3, the bold will automatically be adapted to Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved already the appellation amend rolls out, and be priced analogously to the accepted absolution above all agenda platforms.

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