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Balance 287 views Jan 21, 2016
Watson Supercomputer Consult Watson

Angel Watch, Call of Duty Hottest Adeptness According to IBM's Watson Supercomputer Consult Watson afore you buy that iPad NBA 2K16 MT. By Kyree Leary If you're already arcade for adeptness for the holidays, but don't apperceive what to get the bodies in your life, maybe acquire the Angel Watch or Call of Duty Atramentous Ops 3. According to IBM's Watson, these are answerable hits.After allocation accumulated into three adapted categories --Tech, Health and Toys-- the IBM Watson Trend app would commemoration commemoration product, with the hottest ones accepting a complete commemoration of 100.



As of today, the Angel Watch is at the top of the tech chic with the aloft complete score, which is something its been able to beat for the accept few months. Call of Duty, meanwhile has a commemoration of 9, up hardly from its anterior score NBA MT Coins.Other Angel online writing like the iPhone 6S,iPad Pro and 27" Retina iMac were aswell asperous by Watson, with the latest iPhone accepting a complete low commemoration of 3, while the iPad and iMac (under the name "Apple iMac Computers") were at 17. 

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