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Business 315 views Sep 03, 2015
Cellular cellphone visibility settlement techniques to share

   Exposure metering in the existing digital camera's ultimate goal is to reach 18% of the average greyish, seem to depend on automated metering program can achieve precise meteringHDC Note 4, but the reality is often not equal to idea. People usually fight depend on automated metering program to obtain precise metering, especially in genuine white-colored or genuine dark objects. Now mobile cellphone take images with a lot of individuals the habit of action, and mobile cellphone digicam hardware specifications after years of progress and basic can meet the demand of Individuals Daily shooting. For most mobile cellphone users, automated method can take a picture of the ideal completely. For some uneven lighting scene, however, to use automated method may appear problem, meizu mx5 priceat that time, visibility settlement may be able to help.
  Some individuals say the visibility settlement is not professional digicam functions that it? Who said that, you see if you take images of mobile cellphone in interface is adjusting visibility settlement options, should be can you rarely use. So the question comes, mobile cellphone when you need to use visibility compensation? 
   Filming the mobile cellphone of grayscale genuine color, for example, when there is a white-colored mobile cellphone, digicam automated metering program will think is tonal too bright and reduce the visibility value, then, was genuine white-colored mobile phones it look more like greyish.meizu m2 On the other hand, when there is a dark cellphone, digicam automated metering program can say a lack of overall and tonal and increase visibility, of mobile cellphone doesn't appear to be genuine dark, and closer to greyish.