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Business 328 views Sep 01, 2015
lenovo VIBE Taken better than apple iPhone6

   Overall, both the environmental style is absolutely different, an free, a shut, we have many times before for two types of environmental evaluation, there is no longer say more.HDC Note 4 Term organization VIBE Taken and apple iPhone6 differ, and lighting.
   The apple company iPhone6 due to the closure of the iOS, so did not too much customized functions, the UI is our acquainted iOS8 smooth breeze, the drop-down selection and control middle separate outside of the traditional interface, along with Android operating system drop-down selection notice middle stage segregation, of course, this is apple previously in the adhere to Android operating system dropdown selection onmeizu mx5 price the reasons for style. But relatively genuine iPhone6 iOS environment is one big attribute.

  In lifestyle, lenovo VIBE Taken better than apple iPhone6, believe a lot of people can anticipate the outcome. Although apple every iPhone to a certain variety to rise, but primary is very restricted. The Android operating system designs are trained. Lenovo VIBE Taken of lifestyle is very pleased, for example, I had to do hot (hot high power intake in everyday use, do) to other cell phone use, adhere to plenty of duration of day is very simple, and if in doing iPhone6 is a big problem.   UI, lenovo VIBE Taken USES a VIBE UI 2.5, based on Android5.0 develop. meizu m2The present UI style in contrast to the past our amazing clovers, etc. There has been a important enhancement in the UI. The secure display wallpapers (with the secure display photography unique - a very wealthy photography gallery) instantly change (light display whenever different) gives a person the sensation of different whenever, from any place down to bring up a drop-down selection display is simple to operate; Excessive taking, fast, double-click on the one hand, shiny display, such as brilliant field functions are very realistic. 

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