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Business 371 views Aug 31, 2015
lenovo VIBE Taken straight using the cards from the overall loo

   Lenovo VIBE Taken is lenovo to create a design has a high identification of one million yuan, a complete cards digicam type of commercial design, special infra-red focus component, you will of the world's first three LED display is very amazing. Many manufacturers are now eager to task the applemeizu m2 notemeizu m2 note company iPhone6 to signify their complacency and strength, so as a $2000 within the item, the lenovo VIBE Taken can with the apple company iPhone6 damaged out spark? Today will be lenovo VIBE Taken a fun to play with the apple company iPhone6 "PK".
   Few words said, first of all, we look at the overall look. Lenovo VIBE Taken with a variety of shades, such as favourable, titanium greyish and white gem, in which the individual seems traditional increased red shade is the best edition. Apple iPhone6, of course, also have gold, gold, deep greyish 3HDC phones kinds of shade edition, the local tyrants gold most liked need not say more. For shade, the lenovo VIBE Taken and the apple company iPhone6 no apparent ignite point, each have was adament on, and each is in its own item placement as a whole.
   As a leading design taking an image, lenovo VIBE Taken straight using the cards from the overall look design, make it to an estimated cross-over of cell cellphone products. At the same time, it also deteriorated method of horizontal deteriorated made depending on the digicam "adaptation", "roof" (and cell cellphone on the right side) in addition to the power of the smart phone and the adjusting important factors, also on the right hand position improves the digicam key and design modification (Pro method and Smart method, namely, professional design and intelligent) key.
  Apple iPhone6 a change before iPhone5s advantage distinct sides of the era of design, such as into a circular shape, from the overall to the sides are curved. Of course, its not like lenovo VIBE Taken to take images like that u. s. all, such as the design, overall look does not usually a particular part attribute with specific design, relatively extensive.

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