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Business 286 views Aug 30, 2015
new samsung cell cellphone has a rounded part board in the thir

    Moreover to the above operate, new samsung also run the customer part is based on the display some of the details for the custom Configurations. Such as: select area part of the display on the left or the right part of the display, and program part board operate keys in the location HDC Note 4of the part board and the display Configurations. Overall, area part display operate not only rich, flexibility is also very good. When the new samsung Universe S6 + black display advantage cases, the only fast moving back and forth on the part of the display can see time, time period and varying weather conditions, it also can slide up view briefing, finance, sports and other related details. Compared to open up the drop-down again notice many more practical, especially in black atmosphere, visible understanding is also more comfortable.
   Moreover to the details flow, the new samsung Universe S6 advantage + evening time operate is also very practical. Open the evening after time operate, part of the display that shows time, time period, its lighting is also relatively average, see in the black atmosphere also is not stunning. Moreover, the fashion of the lengthiest duration for 12 hours in the evening, if you want to sleep a day may be incapable.
   Finally, again say hyperboloid part of the screen's efficiency in everyday use. For a 5.7 inch display cellphone, one-handed function ability is a lot of customers to worry aboutmeizu mx5 price. Because new samsung Universe S6 advantage + the hyperboloid display style, will leave more space for side "jaws" position, one-handed function is also more easily, can be said to be in such a display cell cellphone, with the best single side function encounter.
   Samsung Galxy S6 advantage + did a larger display, its still managed a one-handed function efficiency. Moreover, in the original operate simultaneously increase quickly started out the program, contact operate, can further make simpler customer's function, provide a better encountermeizu m2. As new samsung cell cellphone has a rounded part board in the third passage, the new samsung Universe S6 advantage + appear more mature, give customers is not only a cool style and visible understanding, but also practical function encounter.