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Business 279 views Aug 16, 2015
mentioned associated with G4 PowerBook PowerPC processors

   On the back of the fuselage besides battery compartments can open a window, is mainly used to replace or upgrade the memory usage, it is important to note PowerBook G4 USES DDR SDRAM memory typexiaomi mi4 review, is compatible with using the same frequency memory. In addition to the above details and there is a the most critical design, the rear is cooling. PowerBook period, apple laptop has already use the rear heat dissipation, and proved the rear heat brought benefits mainly embodied in the temperature control of the palm rest position, can give users a better experience of temperature, the MacBook is used for the design, and at present many laptops on the market also began to choose the rear heat dissipation design.
   Finally see PowerBook G4 interface configuration, if there is only one USB Type new MacBook - C interface is called stingy, so PowerBook G4 interface number clearly has the temperament of the local tyrants, and suction Type optical drive. We can clearly see from the figure PowerBook G4 equipped with interface is very rich and complete, the first look at the left side of the fuselage: a circular magnet power supply interface, a Modem telephone line interface, a usb interface,xiaomi mi3 review audio input/output interface and a an ExpressCard card slot; Turned to see god, the right body here are laptop lock lock, a usb interface, a 6 pin 1394 a interface and a Beta - Only 1394 b interface, a RJ - 45 Ethernet card interface, S - Video OUT interface and a DVI Video output interface.
  PowerBook G4 such a laptop today also very have the sincerity, few back sales and niche market positioning, really some exclamation. If put the computer in the sale, believe that most people don't buy, because it is the PowerPC architecture can't install Windows system, even the virtual machine functions all have no, even the available software on Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 system less poor, what's more, the pursuit of light and the mobile Internet era.
  Since mentioned associated with G4 PowerBook PowerPC processors, might as well let us know the PowerBook G4 detailed configuration. Processor, this machine is equipped with the PowerPC G4 1.5 GHz, is being upgraded to 2 gb of DDR SDRAM (original 512 MB), is the ATI Radeon hd 9700 graphics card aspects discrete graphics and equipped with 64 MB of memory, at the time this configuration has a certain hardware level, even to browse web pages or there is no problem now, but at least can open even very card.

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