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Business 262 views Aug 13, 2015
6 Plus you will need to simply select the House key,

    In addition to the above said these, an excellent god phone also said at the news meeting, an excellent god Note3 support 0.5 S open up quickly, it has self learning operate of hand marks identification,meizu m2 note review will use more and more delicate. I also compared the actual it and open up the iPhone 6 Plus, because of the excellent god Note3 need only a hand on the hand marks identification component, and 6 Plus you will need to simply select the House key, so an excellent god Note3 will more first heard of "drops" open up, but the iPhone 6 Plus screen is a little bit mild first. xiaomi mi4 review  Have to say, although household device producers began presenting behind the apple company hand marks identification, but the feature to carry forward. Such as the excellent god Note3 hand marks identification operate, you can use it to recognize a key speed switch. More easy to take, because of its quick hand marks identification component can recognize hand marks, which is what I think the encounter of style on the returning will be better.

   Actually, in be used actually, you not think quick or slowly a little encounterxiaomi mi3 review of can cause large variations. That is to say, just to open up, an excellent god Note3 style on the returning, do not need to simply select the House key, more than 6 Plus more practical to use, and considering the hand marks identification is used lengthy 6 Plus will become boring, in reality, I like the excellent god Note3 so-called more with more delicate, but it also needs to encounter for a lengthy period.
   Overall, mild on hand marks identification this encounter, I think 899 dollars to start an excellent god Note3 than 6 Plus 6088 yuan began the apple company iPhone is strong, the reason is simple, the excellent god Note3 hand marks identification operate is more numerous, playability is higher.

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