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Business 258 views Aug 12, 2015
The iPhone 6 Plus processor includes a called Secure Enclave of

    Fingerprint identification phone currently on the market, including the iPhone 5 s after the launch of the HTC One Max also is such, through a certain algorithm, fingerprint samples can bemeizu mx5 price obtained. But apple strong is strong in the A7 and A8 is equipped with a collaborators processor, the coprocessor can safely store user fingerprint information and Touch the ID of the current to the fingerprint recognition by the comparison of information.
   And great god Note3 USES a fingerprint identification 2.0 solution, but its inherent principle or and apple is somewhat different, less collaborators processor fingerprint information management. The iPhone 6 Plus processor includes a called Secure Enclave of new security architecture, it can protect the user's password and fingerprint data.
   In the iPhone 6 Plus the fingerprint data only when the Securemeizu mx5 Enclave validation fingerprint can call. The security architecture is isolated from the processor and the rest of the iOS. Therefore, the user's fingerprint data are never allowed to iOS or other applications use, also is not stored in the apple server, nor in ripped or other places for backup. Only Touch ID can be used, and it also cannot be used to match other fingerprint data.
   It also makes many users in the use of apple mobile phone is found that such a problem, namely the iPhone need to enter the Numbers after the restart the password to use Touch ID again. xiaomi redmi reviewAnd great god Note3 fingerprint identification principle and the iPhone has great different, so also will be more rich some on the game.