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Business 309 views Aug 12, 2015
such as the excellent god Note3 possess.

   Apple since the iPhone 5 s, started to join in the cellular cellphone in hand marks identification, although it is not the world's first hand marks cellular cellphone, but we have to confess, meizu m2 note reviewis that it has led to the trend of hand marks identification. So, the iPhone 6 Plus the formal cost 6088 yuan of cellphone, and an excellent god Note3 the formal cost of 899 yuan of cellphone, really on hand marks identification the function will be a cost gap so big?
   First of all, let's look at the two simple using the distinction of the hand marks identification. Finger print identification technological innovation is the key to appropriate the produced features and apply appropriate related, involved in picture handling, design identification, computer perspective, and many other professions. Currently used in hand marks purchase mainly has: living visual kind, capacitance and pressure kind.   Since last year, the cellular cellphonexiaomi mi3 review producers launch new product has a lot of things in common, that is hand marks identification. Up to 5000 yuan, such as the iPhone 6, level down to 1000 yuan, such as the excellent god Note3 possess. I recently I have been thinking about a problem: the cost distinction between thousands of yuan, these mobile mobile phones hand marks identification on experience what's the difference? 
   Like hand marks impact machine, we work with visual kind, while the iPhone 6 Plus hand marks identification is the key to the steel ring on the Home button, or buy from for the company's technological innovation, xiaomi mi4 reviewit USES is the key of capacitance technological innovation, through to the hand skin after billed, identify the hand marks of the feed (fingerprint area and variety distance distinction results in appear on the range of different capacitance differences).

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