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Business 274 views Aug 11, 2015
LG G4, I think, is the G sequence to picture the best cell cell

  Rise for outside images of the display is also an advantage, even under the outside mild, G4 LG display taken still can let the customer see color and details, so as to ensure that the customermeizu mx5 price can lastly make out a picture of the ideal.
   Before capturing in the tangible started to discuss, to see the first overall settings of LG G4. LG G4 components settings of the whole or leading machine conventional, 5.5 inches display, 2 k Xiao monster 808 processer, 3000 mah battery power, the Android operating system 5.1 system. With regards to the display, LG G4 than the past creation of LG G3 to further improve the display lighting and comparison, the biggest in the shiny mild of visible understanding also has a lot to rise.
   LG G4 digicam, actually not wealthy, playability is not a lot, such as the regional digicam does not support the common features such as narrow, results. But like a professional design so, the simple design meizu mx5of basic operate is very extensive. For customers, results of the regional digicam filtration can never meet the requirement of the customer's delayed, almost everybody will set up additional third party in the cell cellphone in the delayed picture app, perhaps consider the customer's routines, from the viewpoint of source preservation, LG G4 did not put these small operate in the digicam.xiaomi redmi review For LG, LG G4, I think, is the G sequence to picture the best cell cellphone nowadays, whether it is the reasons for the components or the following modification than ever before have made apparent improvement, so I think we can nowadays about the G4 LG images show to discuss well. In a G4 LG, LG select 16 thousand p main digicam, at the same time also by F / 1.8 huge aperture is a further into the mild. 

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