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Business 246 views Aug 09, 2015
Clipping is the process of the secondary composition to a phot

  Every software has its own strong side, found that after the author N times using Snapseed the most powerful place is used to fix the landscapes. Entered the Snapseed after 2.0, the setting of meizu mx5 pricethe software interface higher levels in appearance, and two area is divided into tools and filters.
    Do things need to have art of composition, repairing the figure is no exception. Friends don't often use modification software can be carried out in accordance with the software functions in the order, but often fix the figure players must have their own routines. The following please come to introduce their methods by the author.
    Generally taken by the original image, the first to cut. Clipping is the process of the secondary composition to a photograph, photography as an art subtraction this step is necessary. Snapseed with the function of the rotation, which is used to correct when shooting with tilt, at the same time also can let composition hasmeizu mx5 more impact. If there are impurities will produce interference in the photo, you can use the stain repair function.
    Complete the steps above, work is done, below is the photo of "repair". Different people can choose to "adjust the picture first and then add the" filter ", in turn, can also be process. For landscape photos, especially the blue sky was made into a miserable grey, "drama" the filter really works. Appropriate slide around filter, saturation intensity,xiaomi redmi review will be able to make photos. By the same token, the overall image of partial ash can choose to "HDR landscape" filter; Want to get along with the background of large aperture lens effect, can use "lens blur" filter.

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